🗳️🧚‍♀️ SYS 10/22/20 - Fairytale! Let's get sparkly and Twinkly (HBKim)✨🎂



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    Never been so happy to be given the bird 

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    This SYS has been so much fun, no wonder votes are coming in fast lol everyone is in the voting booth admiring the looks
  • Kween_of_the_KastleKween_of_the_Kastle Registered Users, Member 1,162 Posts
    clarizzo said:
    Tessakkh said:
    Maybe the wrong place to ask, but I see some dolls aways crop their screenshots so the level/energy/cash/kstar isn't showing. I always thought only hackers did that. Why do some of you do that? 

    Ps no hate or something like that, just curious! 

     i do it sometimes when i’ve been hoarding energy from the voting booth so people don’t unnecessarily get on my case. 
    Same, I've seen people get jumped on for excessive energy, but I hoard it from voting booth and crop my photos to not deal with drama 
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    ummm how come this “similar” look scored so differently? I’m so confused 😅
    maybe it’s the eyes and the hair? 🤔 
    (the higher score is the newer one)
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    Ever since the votes started coming in right away I’ve been getting high scores! So I love this 😂 even got a 60
    iOS player!
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    @PixiDust can i just say i love ur doll sm??? 🥺 she gives me cottagecore bratz doll vibes and i am HERE for it 😩💖
    🏳️‍🌈// zuzu // they/them // no longer active //
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    looks 1-4


    😳 getting a little creative really lowered my scores, that 39 hurt! I'm sticking to the fairy dress in every possible color formula for my last looks bc I'm second and I think I can surpass the TB 👀
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    AmyMimi said:
    Guess who’s been procrastinating instead of going over her lecture notes ? 🙋‍♀️😬🙈

     I love this picture!
    btw, have an interview for a study program tomorrow, should probably review some notes as well 🤓
  • ashyyyboobooashyyybooboo Registered Users, Member 81 Posts
    It was looking questionable after some of my looks, but after these past few looks I think I’m actually going to get the last earnable! I only need 33 on my last look. I was expecting to buy extra tickets to get it. Might actually get 1st place too though I don’t really care about the wings since I got the wings from the new kollection. I’ll be happy to get the dress. 
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    I earned a diamond for voting🥳 and had finally 25 diamonds to buy the butterfly dress I wanted for so long🥰🥰
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    I love the theme, but I literally loathe my looks lol. I haven't gotten the time to channel my inner creativity due to so much work to get done. But my scores have been decent, I kept dyeing last weeks TS wings and then pairing them with a color matching gown😅 I don't think I have a shot at 1st place through because of a ticketbuyer (not excessive thankfully, they're probably using a few extra tickets but idk)
    I just really wanna lay down and rest for a whole day. I never get to rest anymore, I sleep of course but never like relax and unwind y'know. It's literally my birthday and I just cried because of school at 2 AM🤡 I seriously believe that my birthday is lowkey cursed, lol it's always either really really bad, like sad-tears-the-whole-day bad, or good-for-now-but-something-goes-bad-later-on. HOW DID I END UP HERE LOL I'M SORRY I needed to vent😣
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    Anybody experiencing really lower scores with faster results at the end of the SYS? Started with 50s and my last look was a 34, it's becoming pretty annoying (I'm taking inspiration from looks of your dolls who scored 50s and more). Currently third After two TBs but I'm afraid I won't pass them if my scores continue being so shitty.
    These are all my looks ranked in order of su missione, from First to last:

    This is frustrating, as always.
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    Tessakkh said:
    Maybe the wrong place to ask, but I see some dolls aways crop their screenshots so the level/energy/cash/kstar isn't showing. I always thought only hackers did that. Why do some of you do that? 

    Ps no hate or something like that, just curious! 
    Because I’m embarrassed of my 3 kstars lmao
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    @Eyyeth_ Ohh girl, I can relate! Maybe because often we place certain expectations on our birthdays were extra sensitive when something goes wrong.

    And I get you on the school stress!
    Mini rant, but I just woke up in the middle of the day (I have trouble sleeping at night) and saw that our professor send us 6 A4 pages of translation for Wednesday, when she was supposed to send us them last Wednesday instead of just today but she doesn't care I guess.
    Lol long story short, now my heart legit aches because I'm constantly stressed out about studying and combined with some teachers' disregard for our time it's not a good mix. 🤡

    School/uni is amazing and helpful but oh boy there's nothing more precious than your mental and physical health.

    Chile anyways... I hope you'll have an amazing day. Happy birthday girl! Don't let such things get you down, in a year you won't even probably remember it. Chin up ❤️

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    Another week of mediocre scores. 

  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    @Eyyeth_ happy birthday!! I’m so sorry about school love. I hope it gets better soon!
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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos omg thankyou so much !! 🥺🥺 you’re so sweet ❣️
    iOS player 💞✨🧚🏻‍♀️
    on a spending strike until everyone gets 20 videos ! 🍄🍃
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    Today my niece logged me out of KKH and when I tried to log back with my email account it says that they couldn't find an account and the FB progress is from a week ago or more 😭, Has anyone had an issue like this? I already messaged eggs but I want to know if Glu support was able to help anyone with the same issue of losing progress and then getting it back 🥺
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    I cant believe it! I didnt try my luck at getting the hair with pixie ears in the new kollection box so today after making enough stars from watching videos, I bought a Halloween box and the ONLY item i wanted and never thought i would get is what i won! The pixie eared hairstyle! And it's the same hair that matches this weeks SYS top 5 prize of wings and dress! Good luck to all of you! 
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    I’m up to date with looks now but after being in 1st for the past 2 days, this person has popped up out of no-where and originally was like 200 points ahead of me before submitting looks 11 and 12. At least she’s on theme I guess 😒 I thought I actually had a chance to win the wings 😭
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    Happy birthday @Eyyeth_ 🎉😊 School can feel so overwhelming at times so I’m sorry to hear how it’s affecting you on your birthday no less ! I really hope that you will feel better 💕
    iOS 😊
  • Kween_of_the_KastleKween_of_the_Kastle Registered Users, Member 1,162 Posts
    I hope your new wings that cost 10+ tickets glitch in every sys VB 

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