🗳️👻SYS 10/29/20 - Coven! Celebrate Halloween in Style! Boo!🎃🔮



  • anilynbrightanilynbright Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    @ViennaKKH Oh it's super, thanks doll, already submitted it 🙈 let’s see how things will go
    Playing from Feb/2020 on iOS 🍏
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  • kiraraquelkiraraquel Registered Users, Member 227 Posts
    Literally no one is fighting her. Smh, I wish I could just message her and tell her to stop wasting money but oh well, her stress not mine🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
  • lologslaylologslay Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    "im the nicest person you will ever meet"
    "get bent on how ugly of a person you are"
     "get bent over having no money to get those triple threats to compete" 

    I was explaing how I was the nicest person you would meet until this community. LMFAO that proves my point. Hahaha 
  • jlr224jlr224 Registered Users, Member 586 Posts
    Anyone else sometimes score better on a look that’s just quickly thrown together than when they’ve spent time and thought on the perfect outfit! This did so much better than I was expecting 😂

  • VictorianVictorian Registered Users, Member 1,072 Posts
    @lologslay that's bull. So you wanna assume every Android player has a hacked game? Keep assuming, Kalinda has my game id 🙄 and there is hackers going on in the ios community too, so keep dreaming about how you play a fair sys. 
    20 year old from Turkey & Android Player
    Striking untill they give everyone 20 videos a day
  • ashleymeddsashleymedds Registered Users, Member 796 Posts
    refreshed my page & great minds think alike, nice gif choice😂😂 @ShayShigil
    ios doll since 2014, took a break & started again in October 2019 🤠💕
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  • ShayShigilShayShigil Registered Users, Member 337 Posts
    @ashleymedds lol I love that it works so well for such different comments 
  • VictorianVictorian Registered Users, Member 1,072 Posts
    edited October 2020
    Edited because it was unnecessary. Here's a hot doll instead:

    Marry me senpai 🥺
    20 year old from Turkey & Android Player
    Striking untill they give everyone 20 videos a day
  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    edited October 2020
    Lmao didn’t mean to post that
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  • JadeLaMunecaJadeLaMuneca Registered Users, Member 695 Posts
    I love the internet 
    Daily player.

  • DearDelilahDearDelilah Registered Users, Member 159 Posts
    i chose to nap today at the best time. anyways.. happy halloween dolls! 💀

    ios player ⋆ ༘ *🦋
  • GucciFlipFlopsGucciFlipFlops Registered Users, Member 171 Posts
    @kokokokonut can you delete the last three pages of this thread?
  • LydiaKKHLydiaKKH Registered Users, Member 856 Posts
    Why there's always some kind of weird drama when all I want is some damn inspo for SYS (and VIP hair mentioned in diamonds thread).
    Oh wait... we're on KKH forum. 🙃

    iOS 41lvl 📱 English isn't my first language 🇵🇱
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  • anilynbrightanilynbright Registered Users, Member 412 Posts
    So my styling of earnable dress did okay. An interesting fact, I had mini dress submitted with higher results. It’s all about styling. 🤷‍♀️

    Playing from Feb/2020 on iOS 🍏
    True Kardashian ❤️🇦🇲
  • brenhinbrenhin Registered Users, Member 387 Posts
    as much as I love drama- where’s the looks @? I need the inspiration for my next look ☠️😂 

    🏳️‍🌈daily IOS player🏳️‍🌈

  • PixiDustPixiDust Registered Users, Member 735 Posts
    i’ve been scoring pretty well this sys so here are my looks so far ❣️ sorry for the messy collage i’m too lazy to make it neat 😅

    iOS player 💞✨🧚🏻‍♀️
    on a spending strike until everyone gets 20 videos ! 🍄🍃
  • KoakumaKoakuma New Member Registered Users 789 Posts
    edited October 2020

    Here are all my looks that I already posted + looks 7 and 8

    And 9 and 10

    I'm pretty sick of the butterfly aura at this point but I paid 30 diamonds for it so it stays ON!
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,880 Posts
    Looks 7-9 ✨🖤

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