WoH for 1-28-19: Calling Jram....Calling Jram...Maybe?



  • duckk123duckk123 Registered Users, Member 296 Posts
    duckk123 said:
    Are you saying you played 950 games today?
    Yes. Between tournaments and bonus games. Well I won 950. Probably played 975ish. I was at 50/1000. Didn’t want to waste my time running into the 5-10 wall. I started about 5-6 hours ago. Had a few breaks. But well worth the time 
    I couldn't bring myself to do all of that lmao. I went diamond on my old account and then quit cause too many games to play. While cycling sure is frustrating, it gets fun (the thrill of opening boxes), but then also depressing (since I cant get a scherzer). 5 cycles today. Zobrist x2, Realmuto x2, Bagwell x1. I just want a scherzer :(

  • tocopan18tocopan18 Registered Users, Member 803 Posts
    My first WOH after going to GOLD over the weekend.  
    3 cycles already (not a lot of playing time today) and I actually think it was easier than silver, just like everybody says.
    So far today 2 x realmuto and 1 x goldy
    This box does not impress me cause I already had Bench and Zobrist, in reality only Scherzer would be nice, since Mays I don't think I would take to gold this late, just weeks away from the new version. Maybe just keep him to see how the move to the new version goes.
  • redlegs2018uredlegs2018u Registered Users, Member 1,048 Posts
    5 for 17 now, 4 for 15 with EE, 1 for 2 with Holiday Trout who is D8 but closely rated with the D9 EE (6 point difference between them (747 vs 741 with 80 gold boost and 16/16 skills).  4 Zobrist and 1 JT for pulls (wanted Goldy for high level blue guy) but have made 1M cash today so not totally complaining.
  • HuskerHusker Registered Users, Member 111 Posts
    Up to eight cycles - Goldy 4, Realmuto 3 AND ... Zobrist who I had. Oddly, I've gone through completely clean - not even a video restart - 5 times. Usually once or twice in 10 cycles is the norm (okay, maybe once per 10). 
  • Biceson44Biceson44 Registered Users, Member 79 Posts
    Goldy, JT x 2 
  • duckk123duckk123 Registered Users, Member 296 Posts
    2x zobrist, 2x realmuto, 1x goldschmidt, 1x bagwell. im very sad cause i didnt get scherzer so i will go cry in a corner for the rest of the night. gonna go beat lv1-3 not even gonna waste time with stupid Cishek and then invest all my fat ugly blue cash in upgrades :((((
  • HoumyHoumy Registered Users, Member 3,888 Posts
    Don't know what it was but Nola was the one giving me all the grief in the world today while Abbot & Scherzer were a walk in the park on all but the first cycle. Some days are like that I guess. 
    "Get ready for some NFTs" - VIP NEWSLETTER ca. 2022

  • BigpredfanBigpredfan Registered Users 3,306 Posts
    Houmy said:
    Don't know what it was but Nola was the one giving me all the grief in the world today while Abbot & Scherzer were a walk in the park on all but the first cycle. Some days are like that I guess. 
    Even in Australia 
  • PINKYSTARFISHPINKYSTARFISH Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    What's the deal with the Atgs?  Level to bronze 10 if you're going to trade in to maximize evo?
  • PaxtinPaxtin Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    7 cycles. 5 goldy 2 Zobrist.  :/:/:/ oh well. 
  • stevebalbonistevebalboni Registered Users, Member 108 Posts
    10 cycles - 2 bags, 3 goldys, 3 zobrist, 1realmuto
  • BobbyFlayBobbyFlay Registered Users, Member 53 Posts
    4 cycles: Scherzer, Goldschmidt, Zobrist, Zobrist.
  • marela520marela520 Registered Users 65 Posts
    14 cycles-8*goldy , 5*zorbist, 1*jeff
  • redlegs2018uredlegs2018u Registered Users, Member 1,048 Posts
    Finished a 6th at the buzzer, 4 Zobrist, 2 JT
  • Biceson44Biceson44 Registered Users, Member 79 Posts
    4 total - 3x JT, 1x Goldy
  • jclarrick3jclarrick3 Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    3 cycles today, Realmuto x2 and Goldy once. Filled my gaping hole at catcher finally
  • whammo911whammo911 Registered Users, Member 963 Posts
    3 Realmuto, 3 goldy ... after the first two where Realmuto who I already had, I knocked out another 3 quick cycles got goldy earned some points for the club and said screw this....logged in the last hour was nearly impossible by then but managed one last cycle at the buzzer, happy for the xp and that I got 6 cycles with no gold and I only played 4-5 hours...done chasing players
  • Cripple22Cripple22 Registered Users, Member 67 Posts
    Final tally 8x, 4 Bagwell, 2 Zobrist,             1 goldy, 1 bench 
  • PINKYSTARFISHPINKYSTARFISH Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    I may have been going about this all wrong .So here it goes.....
    Dear Glu, 
     I only wish to draw the lowest of players from the WOH prize box. Moreover,  I only want a single low player, over and over and over.
    Well the deception worked. 
    But it was Mays that I pulled .  Not the best timing for him . I already have Mantle.  So I assume a catch and release is the best action.  LOL .  Or am I missing something ?
  • HuskerHusker Registered Users, Member 111 Posts
    Final - 5 Realmuto 5 Goldschmidt 1Zobrist and 1 Scherzer. Either the last or 2nd to last cycle. Didn’t open until after event so didn’t have to spend that family time that I promised I’d i got Scherzer.
  • nypknypk Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Got it
  • thickagethickage Registered Users, Member 227 Posts
    12: 5x Goldy, 3x Zobrist, 3x Realmutty, 1x Bagwell
  • SandpipersSandpipers Registered Users, Member 1,327 Posts
    4x JTR, 1x Goldy, 1x Bagwell... was 6/7 on Max but had several surprise losses with Harper at the lower levels.... Silver team 1x JTR.
    It's all done with mirrors
  • BigHurtBigHurt Registered Users, Member 157 Posts
    2x Goldy, 2x JTR, 1x Zobrist, 1x Bags. Please, pretty please, more pitchers in the woh boxes... not just one with impossible 1/10,000 odds!!
  • Babybombers9Babybombers9 Registered Users, Member 212 Posts
    edited January 2019
    Six cycles: 4 JT, 1 Goldy and that at the end SCHERZER. That's the first "high end" legend I've ever pulled in WOH in six months of playing. Felt good.
  • CHITOWNBOMBER50CHITOWNBOMBER50 Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    Twelve cycles, Goldy x3 Realmuto x6 zorbist x2 and Bagwell went 12 for 12 on 5/10 with holi Ted @17/17 got lucky and got mostly fastballs don't remember ever getting to two outs straight blasted him 
  • ReadingFightingPhilsReadingFightingPhils Registered Users, Member 305 Posts
    Well, I did it a little different yesterday.  I got Goldy on my first cycle.  Since I had the bonus players, I just cycled and did not open any boxes until this morning.  I focused on getting 25 mil plus to get the club 200 gold (I am the only one cycling in the club).  I recently went gold and it has definitely gotten easier.  I did 7 cycles.  Holiday Ted (17,15)  was 7-12.  Holiday Schmidt was 7-7 against Abbott, BF Yellich was 7-8 against Nola, BF Harper was  8-8 against Kimbrel, and  HA Rizzo was 8-8 against Maeda.  It was a lot less stressful not getting mad opening the box and getting someone I already had.  The frustration came this morning when I got Zobrist (who I already had three times in a row).  I don't think I would have kept playing if I opened those while cycling.
    Results - 7 cycles - Zobrist -3, Goldy - 3, Bagwell -3   Unfortunately I already had Bagwell and Zobrist
  • MetsicansMetsicans Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    4 cycles with my main team, Zobrist, Realmuto and Goldy x2 (already had him from a weekend box).  Realmuto would be a higher rated catcher for me, but I have a lot invested in Mauer’s skills, and I like his skill combo better. 

    3 cycles on my b team, pulled Zobrist (had him already) and Realmuto x2. 

  • MattattackMattattack Registered Users 1,971 Posts
    A little less then usual.  Combination of work, a little under the weather and not being thrilled with the box.  Plus 5.9 did trip me up a fair share of times.
    5 Zob, 3 Goldy, 2 JT and 1 Bags for me.
  • snowy24snowy24 Registered Users, Member 303 Posts
    5 cycles although the last cycle was ridiculous. Took me an hour on level 5 to get to Scherzer. 3 Goldys and 2 Bagwells. Already had Bagwell and Goldy didn’t make my squad. I did substitute him in to get the bonus points for my club. 
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