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    @datesaremyfave @sandraliis thank you so much dolls! I usually get tired of it and leave it😅
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     Id say that Glu do you suck you greedy thing? Is the new 10 kstar videos/day permanent? If yes, Im seriously thinking about deleting the app,after almost 2 years and a half of playing. I dont want to spend any money on a game that is already pay-to-win (seen those ticket buyers with 3000+ votes in the first three places?) I can get a max 80 kstars/week,compared to 150/week before the new wonderfull upgrade that we got. How much greedier can Glu get? We already have very little ways of earning kstars when almost everything in the game costs kstars! And the diamonds? Whatever, I dont care about them, I wouldnt buy them even if I was actively spending money on the game, simply because the reason they were added is that glu wants more and more money for less and lower quality work. Im so pissed. There are a lot of people on facebook groups that agree with me. When will we hear back? So many people are putting so much money into this game and you cant even check whats wrong with the decrease in daily videos "until later this week" ? Unbeliveable. 
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    I suggest you stop snooping on our clipboards 
    Privacy is yet another thing Glu doesn’t care about
    @KalindaKing I will be deleting this app if things don’t change because this is beyond wrong 

    Why do I even bother 😒
    It’s official I have SYS anxiety, does anyone else?
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    #OnStrikeUntilEveryPlayerGets20Videos #EqualTreatmentOfAllPlayers #GreedyAppDevelopersLoseMoney
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    I’m disappointed that the guys didn’t get the book handheld last weekend prior to the sys when this is something that can be offered to all dolls but it also highlights the ongoing issue that I’ve been raising for the last year about the neglect of male dolls. Give us ANYTHING, it’s not asking a lot 
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    edited October 2020
    🤬 I and many get it yall don't like I have money, new, and can do without a hacked game, but the selected few and myself get treated poorly??
    I see rude on here everyday. I say that, cuz lots of dolls(nasty ppl) aren't being nice to one another. It's all about destroying someone ego by talking about them on the forum (TB), questioning how others did this/that, or if it's a hacked game. Many like to buy tickets for top 5.
    But That's SO wrong..I haven't talk sh**t till now. Lmfao.  A few know-how to make others feel unaccepted. If that's your goal to every newbie, I'll leave (Sike I wouldn't give you haters the pleasure of me leaving so y'all can rule the forums with your fakeness) I thought it would be awesome to be in a group of others like me but nope! Most are the complete opposite, sh talkers that I call "ugly." While I've been nice to everyone, on each post it's about encouraging, lifting, and sending positive vibes to one another and hoping everyone wins or get what they desire. Now the next person copies what I say/advice which most of y'all do cuz they will get the credit for My words (flooding their posts with likes) example of fake.
    How about hypocrites post everything they're but why not?? I bet it's cuz they're worried someone will expose them? I wish others would stop accusing others of something unless you are there.
    This is why I'm solo with a few forum dolls on my game. 🤗😘
    Don't do sh to others, if you don't want it happening to you. Period!!! Thank you for reading my rant. 

    This is happening to me and lots of other dolls that has been in the community longer than me(cuz we all private message) only took me 2 weeks to find out this isn't that great of a community to fit into too if you are strategically playing a game that others can't even begin to top you on but will drag you down to gutter levels with them. Oh well! I'm glad I'll stand up for myself and others. 🥳

    Happy holidays hope everyone is nicer to each other. 💯 
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    Brilliant. Just brilliant. I missed the entire weekend event and the SYS event since Glu employees can't test an android update properly. 

    This has happened since the day the update was released. I opened a thread and posted about it in the update thread and nothing. I mean I suppose I am not surprised customers are treated like dirt around here. Oh, and I will add that I am not the only one who experienced this issue. So good to know we're still being ignored. 
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    The doctor jacket glitches and become a sweatshirt with weird blobs of colors on the shoulder in the photobooth and outside in the game. 
    IOS Player 
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    God, it's been over 6 years and I'm still waiting for a pale skintone with yellow undertones. One skin color is too pale and the other too tanned. I can't really decide which one I wanna use...
    Android - Level 55 - A+++ - 07/2014
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    I have always loved this game and now I feel completely frustrated, I cannot understand how selfish these people are for wanting to take the first place without even deserving it
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    I know that GLU has way more urgent things to fix in the game right now, but is it possible to fix this lock of hair glitch that I just found? The hair is from the November 2020 Baby Blue Kollection and I first noticed it with the mask from the September 2020 Masquerade SYS.

    First I thought it just didn't work with any of the miscellaneous masks, but it does work with one of them. Works fine with all glasses.

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    (In-game username: Abbie)

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    Is anyone else bothered by the Lucid Marketplace surveys? They're like 95% of the surveys you can take for K-stars, but they request access to information on your device. I should not have to offer access to my personal and device information just for virtual currency. I don't like that KKH would make players risk their privacy just for K-stars, it's super sketchy
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    This blatant use a fake voting system for SYS is despicable.  
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    - the sys system is trash. 

    - the surveys are nice in theory but no one qualifies for them. 

    - the quality of items is up and down..... consistency please. 

    - no more recycling kkg clothes 

    - can hairs be tested for compatibility with alllll poses before being released? Let’s be thorough glu. 

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    Is this rug supposed to have a weird cut out? I thought it was just an abstract design at first but it kinda looks like a glitch in the rug/floor
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    I am having issue with gigs- dont have any , no calls from maria or simon after completing Misty’s fashion show gig where i lost fans and then i had to choose over Misty and new designer. I havnt even opened CTM Brands so i didnt finish my quest lines at all
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    evelineb said:
    I am having issue with gigs- dont have any , no calls from maria or simon after completing Misty’s fashion show gig where i lost fans and then i had to choose over Misty and new designer. I havnt even opened CTM Brands so i didnt finish my quest lines at all

    I would send me a ticket to Customer Care. Go to the top left corner of your game screen and tap the 3 lines to access Options. Then tap Help, then tap Customer Care. Explain the situation and ask them to look at your game.  good luck  and so sorry this is happening.
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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    Omg I’m SO OVER THE YELLOW DYE!!! I just hadda vent
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