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    Also me:

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    @TrashleyKKH Sad nerd facts: Tolkien actually created Elvish based upon my mother tongue; it’s so impossible to speak, that’s why no one lives in my country.  😂

    So basically, if I was single, that C-lister and i would probably hit it off. That’s really sad. 
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    @KKH_Jenny that is so interesting ! I am sure you find your own Elven prince eventually. 
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    This was from last weeks SYS, I was like what has happened to my dolls back!! 😂🤣 I hadn’t even earned the wine bottle by that stage either. 

    Did anyone else have it happen to them? 
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    she/her | android player 🌼 english isn't my first language 

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    Hmm, which offer should I take?? 🤔
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    edited March 2020
    I wish I had screenshots of all the times I've giggled at this game.... everyone else's screenshots and comments are cracking me up! 
    But a funny little thing that my friends make fun of me for is that I set alarms starting at like 4 in the morning so I can always be doing a project or making sure I use my SYS tickets right when they refresh.... as well as setting timers throughout the day going sometimes until 1am! Maybe I'm obsessed....? No, I don't think so ;)
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    It's obvious we are dolls, but sometimes broken dolls lol 😂

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    girl what on earth-

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    kadamisia said:

    girl what on earth-

    I bet she listens to Never Shout Never and Nickasaur. mega 2008 myspace vibes
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    Sir you had me at rodeo clown 😉
    (lol even the bartender is trying not to laugh in the back!!)
    Then when I first started the game...

    lol Mariah, how did you know subtle clown jokes was a quick way to a girls heart 😂💕
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    @promquin98 imagine calling your prospective partner loose so casually... though ig me and my 7 annulments can't complain lol, in my defense they all insulted my outfits on dates I paid for. The audacity.
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    @AYewKKH tell me why I thought you were talking about real life for a second 😭 I was like ...SEVEN?
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