📺KK:H Weekend Event - 2/7/20 - Let's Keep those Cameras Rolling! 📹

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Oh Wow.  a reality show Weekend! (Will you bring the cameras to the Oscars with you?)
Now the SYS is all about Film Awards, buy our Weekend Event is rooted in Reality!  Reality SHOW that is. 
heh heh.  So will you be Going glam for the Reality Shows as well as the SYS?   I wonder what the KJs will be wearing.

Yeah, they've got it handled.  But what really has my interest piqued........
what will the prizes be?
Kalinda did toss out some hints earlier this week, but was it for the KTCR Event? Or some future endeavor?
(I think she likes to tease us sometimes! :) )
You can get these outfits soon!  ;)

Yeah, the sooner the better! I must have those boots!
And the fastest way I know of getting the spoilers released..........Open the Thread and Chant with Glee!
Awww, no Kim. We open it 1st then ask for spoilers, plus....you've only got one color there. Kanye in charge of that? Seriously, we love it. But....open the thread then we can All ask for spoilers!
Ok, now we're cooking! We need puppies, and kittens, and colorful chants.............
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