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    Unfortunately it got me. After a year of staying inside, wearing masks, keeping social distancing and now that people are finally able to get the vaccine bam I get Covid! 🙄 it just pisses me off because I was so careful. I lost my job last March so I’ve basically been quarantining the whole year only going out when absolutely necessary and always wearing a mask or multiple masks. Unfortunately my husband is an essential worker and last week he had complained about not feeling good. His office made him go get a Covid test and I came back positive. Due to our proximity I knew the chances that I was positive as well we’re very good but we tried to quarantine with him taking over the bedroom with the door shut. However the damage was already done and when I developed a cough myself I knew that I had it. I got my test and It confirmed what I already knew. I know it’s not his fault but I was so angry at my husband but in the end there’s nothing I can do about it. Luckily our symptoms we’re not too bad we both have a cough and stuffy nose is but our breathing is OK so I’m thankful for that. The weirdest part of it is the loss of taste and smell. I’ve been hearing people say this was a symptom until until you experience it you don’t realize just how bizarre it is. I hate having to cook dinner and I can’t even taste it and then I have to clean up. 😢 i’m just hoping it goes away soon and I’ll be back to being healthy. 
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    I got my first moderna covid vaccine shot you guys!!!! My arm is sore but besides that I’m fine. I’m very excited for this to hopefully come to an end soon 
    That’s great news  ! I had mine last week.  You might feel alittle tired tomorrow so take it easy 🤗
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