🎆✨ KK:H v12.2 Update - Passport to Adventure! 🚞 ✨🎆

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Are you ready? It wasn’t very long ago we were getting ready for our v12.1 Update,
and now our next one is almost here!
I haven’t a clue what to expect, other than the theme-
‘Passport to Adventure

The excitement is real. I love our Updates.  What fun and prizes are coming our way? 
Only way to find out, we open the thread, and share our hopes and dreams!
Let’s all close our eyes and think positive -
Think of the possibilities, 
Clamor for Spoilers

Ok, I think we’re ready. Let’s get things going

If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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  • Jayy_kkhJayy_kkh Registered Users, Member 317 Posts
    Excited for some spoilers 😁
  • EvaKKHEvaKKH Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    I think we’ll see some outfits Kim wore in Rome 👀👀
  • kkhxiokkhxio Registered Users, Member 1,650 Posts
    anyone know what old event items we can buy with diamonds in this update ??
  • kkhxiokkhxio Registered Users, Member 1,650 Posts
    i’m excited for this update !! 🎉😫
  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 1,536 Posts
    We still have 2 more outfits in the update spoilers!!! But yay more spoilers!!!!
  • MercedesBenz23MercedesBenz23 Registered Users, Member 63 Posts
    Looks like we are going to Rome. Maybe they will throw some expensive clothes kim was wearing and make it cost 260 Kstars. Instead I rather travel to wherever with my TODDLERS but they ARE STILL BABIES FOR WHAT EVER REASON!!!!!!!!! glu doesn't seem to care about them anymore. I would also love to post pictures on Instagram & tweet while I'm in this new adventure. And have willow, Kim, khole etc.. like picture or tweet.  GLU DONT CARE ABOUT THAT EITHER. It seems like glu is doing what they know is gonna make them the most money. Which is EXPENSIVE CLOTHES smh
  • JohanaaJohanaa Registered Users, Member 503 Posts
    I'm excited 😍❤️
    Can't wait to see the spoilers ❤️
    🦋Android Player🦋
  • ariellepariellep Registered Users, Member 104 Posts
    Please please please change the weekday SYS start time and end time to an hour later. Trying to get my last look submitted before 7am PST is stressful AF. A lot of the time I’m not even awake yet but if I am awake I am getting ready for the day. It’s so unfair to your west coast players. Even just one hour would be such a massive difference and you could still start the next SYS at the same time. 
  • ariellepariellep Registered Users, Member 104 Posts
    And please give us more ways to earn diamonds. Give us a chance to earn diamonds in diamond boxes or in Kollections. Let us buy diamonds with K Stars. Give us a diamond business. Maybe our spouse and baby could randomly drop a diamond every now and then and make them actually useful in the game. Give us a diamond if we complete the weekly storyline on time. Let us watch ads for diamonds. Seriously ANYTHING. 
  • madisonkkh123madisonkkh123 Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    edited August 2021
    !squad gift within 17 minutes!
    Hey I am in a squad where we are so close to to a gift box and it would just need somebody to join very quickly! It’s very active just usually needs one more player to go on the app daily for the gift box to be available. Usually 11/12 people are on.

    The squad # is 698173 !!!! In case you need the squad number or can’t find it!
  • JeffreeStarJeffreeStar Registered Users, Member 555 Posts
    New skintones and customisable makeup for the face🥺 please no more makeup that can't be changed and has only one option
  • JeffreeStarJeffreeStar Registered Users, Member 555 Posts
    edited August 2021
    If it’s really inspired by Kim’s Rome trip I hope they add some of these outfits. 

    No 😭😭😭 except for the third one on top everything looks bad and ordinary ...sorry. Most clothes that many people playing this game like weren't even worn by Kim lol 🗿not to mention that we already have a lot of similar clothes like those which we can put together and make them look exactly like those.
    proof in case u need it. I dyed some clothes like the shorts in the first pic and the top on the second. 
  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,660 Posts
    Hopefully we will get some star items that are great, not only diamond box items. Also, hopefully the update won't mess with our sys scores. Can't wait to see spoilers. The update should be next week, right? 
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  • GiselleGGiselleG Registered Users, Member 102 Posts
    Please make offers available everyone!
    Level 56
    Sorry for any mistakes. English is not my native language.)
  • badamsbadams Registered Users, Member 58 Posts
    Okay… so I worked for a company that sells to the kardashians. I remember packing that 
    Galliano dress to send to her stylist.
  • JeffreeStarJeffreeStar Registered Users, Member 555 Posts
    badams said:
    Okay… so I worked for a company that sells to the kardashians. I remember packing that 
    Galliano dress to send to her stylist.
    Did they even pay you well? 
  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 1,536 Posts
    Hopefully spoilers this weekend or Monday? 
  • stellarspherestellarsphere Registered Users, Member 487 Posts
    Anyway have a squad I can join that everyone (or almost everyone) actually logs on? Kinda hoping squads gets an update to lower the numbers of dolls that need to log on… it can be a hassle sometimes to rely on 12/13 dolls to log on…
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  • LachimolalaLachimolala Registered Users, Member 964 Posts

    Wishing the next Virgo sys outfit would be based on the only zodiac I care about 🥲
    That could make an amazing dress, boots and gloves. 
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