🗳️👫 KK:H SYS Duets 11/11/21 👬- Power Couple 👭🗳️



  • LaylaTroiLaylaTroi Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    Literally, up to look 15. My main scores are 5 and 4.5 per look. As you can see 1st place is at 48 votes, while I in 7th have 62.5 votes, but on the Trendsetter list it only says 31.5. This glitch sucks so much! Please fix this Glu!

  • kkhpeytonkkhpeyton Registered Users, Member 305 Posts
    My TS group disappeared for a couple hours but it just came back and now my scores are right.
  • LaylaTroiLaylaTroi Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    kkhpeyton said:
    My TS group disappeared for a couple hours but it just came back and now my scores are right.
    That happened earlier where it came back but then it didn’t work again. I wouldn’t count on this permanently working. 
  • KKH_miKKH_mi Registered Users, Member 178 Posts
    Pearl said:

    With the introduction of Show Your Style Duets, there will be more ties that occur because your overall scores are lower with the hearts system. Changes to ties will affect all SYS events going forward. Here’s how it works:

    If you and another player in your Trendsetters group have the same total score, then you are both eligible to collect the same prizes and change your Style Level accordingly. For example, if you and another player are tied for 2nd place, then both of you can collect the 2nd place prizes and move to the higher Style Level. If you are tied at a lower rank, then both of you would move to the lower Style Level.

    If 2 players have a tied score, they’ll share a rank on the leaderboard. The next player with a unique score will get a new rank based on how many players are placed above them. For example, if 3 players tie for 2nd place, then the next player with a unique score would be in 5th place because there is the 1st place player and then 3 players in 2nd place.

    I just reread this and realized the ties are gonna ruin normal SYS as well... please say sike rn...
    Omg I didn’t realize that. It's the most unfair ever
  • KKH_miKKH_mi Registered Users, Member 178 Posts
    All sys are gonna work like that... the only reason they did this is to give less prices. How is gonna make our sys experience better?
  • ElenaaaElenaaa Registered Users, Member 469 Posts
    Elenaaa said:
    was doing pretty well but then suddenly my scores dropped 🙄 maybe there’s still a 60’s curse but its hidden now because of the heart-system? 🤔

    I also got 1 star on a silver and gold look… hmm
    Really?? I feel like we deserved more then haha 😅 I like the idea of a silver and gold pair!! But maybe people in the VB disagree 😣 
  • LaylaTroiLaylaTroi Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    KKH_mi said:
    All sys are gonna work like that... the only reason they did this is to give less prices. How is gonna make our sys experience better?
    Short answer: It’s not. Long answer: It’s definitely not. 
  • MaedaeMaedae Registered Users, Member 115 Posts
    Looks 1-6  
    This has been very interesting to say the least….

  • beachespeachesbeachespeaches Registered Users 698 Posts
    Hope duets disappear like WWIB. It sucks so far. 
    My doll's name is Bea!
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    Level 99
  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    edited November 2021
    Oh and, add me to the list of people having scoring issues. Submitted my last look and suddenly lost 7.5 hearts 🤩

    Edit: it fixed itself
    platform: iOS 💞 message me for add info!
    follow my gameplay on instagram: mikaylakkh
  • SmallKatSmallKat Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    The heart system is stupid. Duets sucks.

    We just want to dress dolls in pretty outfits.
  • Kkh_AnastasiaKkh_Anastasia Registered Users, Member 1,882 Posts
    Is it anyone who had gifts that you’ve given your partner through the years disappear from their closet? Because a lot of stuff I know that I’ve given my husband isn’t there anymore. 

    Like = yes my stuff is also gone 
    lol = no all my gifts is still where I last saw them 
    iOS 📲
    Instagram: kkh_anastasia98

  • evilraccoonevilraccoon Registered Users, Member 327 Posts
    Looks 1-5 

  • GuillaumeKKHGuillaumeKKH Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Chrysalis said:
    @GuillaumeKKH 😭 no!😭 tbh I've been voting quite a bit and haven't seen any sets of two male-presenting dolls. 🤔🤔🤔 I was worried about homophobia in the VB but I hope it's not that, I hope it's just a glitch and your score gets fixed! 
    thank you @Chrysalis I don’t think that homophobia is the reason, I honestly think that votes are more rigged than ever, and I have noticed that other players reported scoring zero earlier today, at around the same time I entered my 3rd look, so I prefer to believe that it was yet another glitch from Glu. 
    Anyhow, this SYS is really difficult, I first started with 2 free tickets but after my first look got votes I went to style the second look, and the ticket was gone. 
    Today I get zero vote on look 3, so basically I’m behind two tickets competed to other players in my TS 🤬 
  • rellbellerellbelle Registered Users, Member 250 Posts
    There are definitely a lot of issues with duets but i am having fun styling another doll and coordinating outfits, i was convinced i would hate it 💀 
  • KatinkaeKatinkae Registered Users 845 Posts
    Im already tired of this moneyhungry game, and now I have to style TWO people? One is more than enough…..im slowly ZzzZz 
    Player since day 1 🤩 iOS 🇳🇴

    📢 ‼️ let us exchange things in our closet we dont like into k stars/diamonds
  • kadyyykadyyy Registered Users, Member 355 Posts
    I guess my group members are also having scoring issues cus i kept increasing ranks without submitting extra looks. I was happy i moved from 21st to 5th now it seems its cus of the glitches and their scores reducing. Again moved from 15th to 11th. If this continues till the end i may be getting the prizes they are supposed to be winning🤔🤔
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