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  • yeezydashianyeezydashian Registered Users 269 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Now we all know who Erika Jayne is, but the truth is, nobody cares about her. That said, I'm asking for real V.I.P that Kim met, like Nicki Minaj, if she had a participation on the game we would all buy her SMC. I would love to have her Rapunzel hair.
    Maybe we could have different celebrities Kollections!

  • BettyBoop2007BettyBoop2007 Registered Users 15 Posts
    At the gym, we accumulate weights every hour. If we forget to go look, we only got one weight. Why can't they accumulate when we forgot to go see? It would be more encouraging...
  • maxrockatanskymaxrockatansky Registered Users 578 Posts
    Just here to make my tri-annual request for guys to be able to change their beard color separate from their hair color! I love the dark roots Glu has been giving the guys lately, but it looks absolutely absurd to have dark roots, white hair and ... a white beard. Please please please, with sugar on top, make the beards like the eyebrows and let us have separate colors! :heart:
  • SeptemberSeptember Registered Users 552 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Hi Glu, I have a suggestion about parties:

    - being able to earn an extra star when you start a party; just like with dates and professional events. With them you can earn a star when you start if you purchase enough gold star- or heart items, could a similar system for parties be installed? Suggestion for earning a star: furnishing the whole house you're hosting a party in.

    Thanks for your time!  
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  • ZzzelenaZzzelena Registered Users 579 Posts
    - Being able to earn another extra star/heart on gigs by reaching a higher amount of star/heart points. It can be set at a really high point. With that many items in the wardrobe and that much furniture in the game, it gives us something to work towards, motivates us to buy things. I know it would make gigs much easier, but when you've been playing for years, gigs become a tiring, boring part of the game. Having 2 stars/hearts at the start would be so good and make a game better experience. With it being set at high mark, it would be a nice reward for long-time players. We could focus more on other aspects of the game. It becomes monotonous after years..
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  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    Glu please add the lip ring on the next throwback closet sale in the nearby future. Pretty please glu and thank you!?

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  • EssenceHeartsPandasEssenceHeartsPandas Registered Users 72 Posts
    I honestly just want an numerical xp meter that way we know how many points are needed to level up or how many points left before we level up. Pretty Please Glu? With a cherry on top?❤
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    When it comes to A listers I think we should be able to earn much more cash than a D list celebrity.
  • CharliCharli Registered Users 1,670 Posts
    - Option to hang out with Erika Jayne at our home, invite her to co-star with us on our reality show, and take pictures with her in the photo booth.
    The account says Charli, but my name's Bilal.

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  • kinleykatkinleykat Registered Users 25 Posts
    Was playing around with editing, can we have a red/maroon version of this dress please. 
  • OnaaOnaa Registered Users 1 Posts
    -Option to sell clothes and furniture for energy and/or cash
  • ZzzelenaZzzelena Registered Users 579 Posts
    - have our business managers of each business call us when it's time for a new gig. Then it can be a task (ex. Do a shift in your Hotel in Papagayo).
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  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    edited December 2017
    — It would be cool if in the future, we could buy individual pieces from the pop up shops. There have been times I would’ve paid K star for just the hair, or just the shoes, but didn’t want the rest of it, and ended up just buying nothing instead because I didn’t wanna waste stars if I wasn’t happy with the whole outfit. 

    — or maybe we can have a pop up shop that just isn’t entire outfits in the first place. It would be really cool to have a purely hair pop up shop or a makeup pop up shop (a la kylie Jenner) or purse, shoes, etc etc. Some variety in pop up shop types would be nice.

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  • BettyBoop2007BettyBoop2007 Registered Users 15 Posts
    would it be possible to place the cities when we travel in alphabetical order or in order of what it's costs, it would be easier to find? That would be appreciated.
  • BettyBoop2007BettyBoop2007 Registered Users 15 Posts
    Would it be possible to see where we're at in the level, I mean, if we could see how many it's missing until the next level? It would much appreciated... Because, we can see approximately where we're at, but it's not clear...
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Have the ability to level up faster. It takes forever to level up
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,040 Posts
    Hi. I was reminded that we have a fashion suggestion thread so I'll be moving a few things over there. :) thanks for understanding.
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  • DanizzleDanizzle Registered Users 753 Posts
    Hello Glu
    I'm a sucker of the reality show. Can we please be able to shoot it in every place we own?! That will be a great start and after in all the other locations too thanks
  • JuliaFosterJuliaFoster Registered Users 6 Posts
    I wish there were possible to make celebrity demands, that would vary with the fame level, so E-listers would make less demands, and they would be smaller, than for A-listers.
  • EmiliaNoelleEmiliaNoelle Registered Users 14 Posts
    Updated throwback items would be nice.
    IOS & Android. 
  • dj7991dj7991 Registered Users 30 Posts
    We need an experience bar that tell us how much we need till the next level please glu we've been asking why is it taking so long
  • dj7991dj7991 Registered Users 30 Posts
    We need ombre eyeshadow
    Eye lashes
     More lip colors

  • kinleykatkinleykat Registered Users 25 Posts
    Lately, a few of my friends have lost their game process, and iCloud or whatever android has couldn't save them.
    In another game I play, we also could lose everything if we delete the app, but they DO allow us to register our device by submitting an email, and with that we are given a generated password in which we write down or screenshot to save it just in case something happens. We use the ID we create in that game, but since ID's are already given to us in KKH, even though they are quite long, I think we should be able to register our device and make or be given a password to go with it so if we DO end up getting a new phone or anything happens really, we aren't forced to begin again in case our phones don't back up our game the way they're supposed to.
  • cheriepopocheriepopo Registered Users 1 Posts
    Zzzelena said:

    - have our business managers of each business call us when it's time for a new gig. Then it can be a task (ex. Do a shift in your Hotel in Papagayo).

    I second this!
    Or add a function to check all the businesses and pets we own, so that I clearly know what shifts are next, what pets are to tap, and what more I could purchase.
  • Mileys_MommyMileys_Mommy Registered Users 239 Posts
    Please add more spaces to the lookbook there’s simply not enough
    I play iOS and android please update nicki Minaj the empire
  • Loveflower01Loveflower01 Registered Users 331 Posts
    please consider adding these!
    Save upload/import game option
    • more skin tone options
    • longer hairstyles 
    •more eye and mouth options
    • more throwback sales! 
    • more opportunities to earn kstars
    •work gigs with spouse 
    I play on iPhone 8plus
    Happy Summer 🌻
  • ZzzelenaZzzelena Registered Users 579 Posts
    Show Your Style event on Facebook, if that's not possible due to technical reasons, it would be nice if we could have any other type of event going on for the same rewards, while there's SYS going on on other platforms.
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  • klenaklena Registered Users 679 Posts
    edited January 2018
    More Celebrity Perks please. I’ve tapped out #31.
    Also, any chance you could fix -
    1) the necklace of Celebrity Perks #26? It is too chunky to wear.
    2) the dress of Celebrity Perks #29? The shadowing looks like sweat or leakages from breast feeding.

    3) the brow of this

    4) the back of this hair where there’re gaps.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • JennahJennah Registered Users 22 Posts
    For a new business:
    - A T-shirt/clothing design store, you can pick the colour and the graphic that goes on the front of your shirt

    For the guys:
    - kilts
    - more sports jerseys
    - chest tattoos for the shirtless options
    - more rings
    - more headphones

    For the girls:
    - eye brow & cheek piercings
    - leg warmers
    - long gloves
    - more one piece bathing suits

    - More items added to Throwback Boxes!
  • kinleykatkinleykat Registered Users 25 Posts
    Show Your Style: I’ve been meaning to make this suggestion a lot and since we’re in the middle of one I’m able to remember it. I think we should be able to redeem points for voting. Example: Every 5 Votes = 1 SYS point.. now obviously there should be a limit on how many points you can earn a day.. but this could help us in that dreaded moment where we literally need 5 or less points to finish, but we aren’t able to submit a look because the events over in 3 hours and 59 minutes. 
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