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  • Ladouce FemmeLadouce Femme Registered Users 549 Posts
    I think it's time for the game to have a new section for kustomizing our dolls facial features! The other day I saw that there was a sale for the NARS makeup line in the game and its eyes were combined with this blush that I can't get over it. I definitely love neutral and more nudes when it comes to makeup for my doll and it just looked so perfect.. having said that we need an option to just have the blush/contour by itself!

    heres a little edit on what it could look like... I would imagine that it would also work with the new contour kit but I don't have it and we all know Kim is expanding her KKW beauty line and this new feature could work real well with it!

    *** I just thought of this now too the it would also be great to have the option on having just the beauty marks/freckles on our dolls not attached to specific facials!
  • haftimehaftime Registered Users 970 Posts
    I agree with Ladouce 100%! I think I even suggested it above in this thread-- blush & contour options (several shapes and color choices, like the eyes, lips, etc) would be such a great way to further customize our dolls.
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  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    When we have sales, like right now, on throwback hairstyles and etc., it'd be really cool if we could purchase those items for our husband. I saw what tb hairs he boys got from what other players have posted here, and there are some really cool ones I'd love to purchase for my husband, but we can't. So if there some way to expand the customization for our spouses, that would be amazing. I'd also love (and pay) to be able to change other aspects of my husband, like skin tone, etc.
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  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    It would be nice if we had night and day to make the game more realistic
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    And for a location we should get a US city like Dallas, Chicago or Atlanta
  • AmeliaKKHAmeliaKKH Registered Users 722 Posts
    I would love mannequins we could dress with clothes from our wardrobe in our SC stores!
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,813 Posts
    Please add more gradual increases to how many fans you get from every reality show. I'm getting close to the 150 spot in the charts and I'm still getting the same amount of new viewers per episode as when I was in the 300s.
    In Game notifications to tell you when you have work gigs/ customers in a business you have to attend to.
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  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    1) We've already got hosiery, but for some reason that hasn't been expanded in a long time. I'm not the fishnet type, but I think many people would get a lot of use out of socks of varying length. For guys, it could cover their often exposed ankles, and for girls, socks can be super trendy. Different lengths give different looks, from athletic to sexy to innocent school girl. Black or white socks would be a great start.


    2) more baby hairstyles PLEASE. We all have been dying for long hair for our babies, but some other cute ideas are pig tails or little braids. North is so fashionable, why can't our babies be too?


    3) speaking of babies, we have the ability to walk our pets, it would be cool if we had the ability to walk (or carry) our babies with us too. I feel like my doll is such a bad mother, leaving her baby home all the time while she jets around the world. Kim is always seen carrying North or Saint with her, so why can't we? We could carry the baby around like we do in the photo booth, or simply use the pet spot and have a stroller where the pet would usually be.


    4) Our husbands (or wives) should contribute a certain amount of money every week. Like, he's working isn't he? I certainly didn't marry a stay at home scrub, I married an employed A lister. Like So Chic and So Chic Hamptons, our spouse could give us $1,000 a week or so. I certainly spend 5 times that amount dating him every day anyway, so a little reminder that he's still working and has a personality separate from just being my husband would be great. What's the point of giving each individual NPC a job description if they don't actually work or support their family?


    EDIT: I get all my best ideas at 4am apparently. Here's another:

    5) Let our dolls become famous for singing! They're already famous for modeling and acting, singing seems the natural next step. There are 2 way we could go about this:

    5a) a Chevier Paris style business, where our dolls can buy a recording studio / music label. We could have a weekly job consisting of three 3 hour gigs (1. Recording 2. Making the music video 3. Promoting the single) and after those jobs our song or album becomes a hit, we get 3 or so K stars, and wait another week to do it all over again.

    5b) or, more ambitiously, but also more long term, we take the singing career as seriously as our acting, by having it become a permanent addition we can climb the charts in, just like with our tv shoes. Instead of filming for our show (or rather, in addition to) we could go to a studio or maybe just mirimount or something, and record our songs. Every 3 or 8 hour "studio time" session would bring us higher in the musical charts. We could have weekend or weekday events where you get points for 5 starring the studio time, just like we do for our reality show. This would be a great addition for the players who are #1 on the star list, on the couples list, and on the reality show list, and who need more goals to work toward. I think we could have a lot of fun with his. I absolutely love the various television show parody names, and we could do the same kind of parody humor for the top song charts. We could take iconic songs and slightly change the names just like we do with the television shows! ("Oops! I Did it Again" becomes "Whoops! I repeated that action", etc.)

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  • LYNDAKKHLYNDAKKH Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi I have a few suggestions for the game if that's ok! I think we should be able to have our babies grow into toddlers, kids, and teenager stages along the way and maybe if possible to add chat rooms we can go in and talk to other players! Also more car options would be nice, and just more gigs, maybe creating our own houses would be fun! thank you xoxo
  • IzzaIzza Registered Users 8 Posts
    - I'd like more storyline with Cassio, that's all i would change in this game
  • krystalkrystal Registered Users 235 Posts
    I was styling my doll today and the game is really lacking some good white heels imo.

    Like we have lots of silvery heels. But when it comes to plain, simple and chic, pure white heels we don't really have any. They're either sparkly or a weird design or have lots of gold or other colors.

    The only like totally plain white heels we have are those two super basic pairs towards the tops of the heels category.

    Also, Glu really needs to adjust the layering of clothing items or allow us to adjust that. I'm sick of having shirts over the tops of skirts when they should be tucked in or necklaces overlaying on top of one side of a jacket when it should go under. Things like that can ruin a look. Also a lot of items placement needs to be reworked. The sunglasses all kind of sit weird on dolls faces imo.
  • astrayastray Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    Please please please pleaseeee give us the option to delete friends same as you all did with her sister's game it is beyond annoying to have people stuck in your contacts list that game has either restarted or they've just stopped playing it altogether.

    It'd also be nice if you all would fix my friends not updating in the game because of this issue I can't send gifts to people so it'd be a waste of money.
  • EmiliaNoelleEmiliaNoelle Registered Users 14 Posts
    - More Skin tones
    - More lips
    - More makeup
    - New Poses
    - More places to have dates at.
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  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    We're all desperate for a better way to customize our husbands. Once we are married, I shouldn't have to resort to gifting him through the cell phone... he's part of my household now. My suggestion would be to have a button in the closet (like the photo booth) that takes us to our husbands closet, which we can have full control of. I'd love to be able to have all the features male players have for my husband, the ability to change his skin color (I'd pay K stars, even), the ability to buy him clothes from the VIP early section lIke I can with my doll, etc. I shouldn't have to make a whole separate male account just because I want total control over what my husband looks like. I understand this isn't how it works in real life lol, but it's not realistic to be able to design our babies either, and we have that ability, so we might as well go all in.

    The entire husband system seems like it needs tweaking. Aside from the need to customize him more than I am able, I also can't stand that I have to date him like every 8 hours or else he calls me, or Ray tweets that no one has seen us around. I swear I date him before bed, and wake up to Ray wondering where we've been. I'm at full relationship points with my husband and we're the #1 couple, there is literally no more benefit to dating him 2 to 3 times a day anymore, it just takes up precious energy and money. But my husband holds me hostage, forcing me to date him or else the threat of divorce hangs over my head. Ugh.
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  • carleighcarleigh Registered Users 55 Posts
    can we have a way to complete sys when there are less than four hours left? i'm 205/210 and this happens to me a lot.
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  • Ladouce FemmeLadouce Femme Registered Users 549 Posts
    I remember receiving a call from one the So Chic employee about Luther finding out a way to give me my weekly pay through our phone which is GREAT since I don't have to personally go there... until I get a call from Luther himself telling me to come by and visit him to collect my pay from his So Chic location.

    I just thought wow how shady it is from Luther telling my other employees to this and that and yet he does the exact opposite. what a hypocrite :p can this please be fixed? and instead have all our employees from the past and future give our pay through the cell. :o
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,038 Posts
    Hi I moved a number of posts containing photo after photo of clothes and shoes requested to the fashion suggestion thread....
    This thread was designed for short bullet point suggestions for things other than requested clothes and shoes. Especially because so many of those pictorial suggestions are already in the game. A short request (ie)
    • More colorful clothes. Blue, teal, mauve rather than neutral colors

    Or a small pic or two to illustrate your request ie:
    • Can you create (so we can BUY) purple lenses like these (1st pic) in oversized aviator frames like these perfect illusive ones in the Black GB category. (2nd pic)
    • Or can you just put another pair of those grey oversized aviator sunnies in the wardrobd for purchase. I'll gladly win a 2nd pair after I buy the first. Look at how many really similar black bags we have?

    But for your basic photo wardrobe requests, please use the Fashion Suggestion thread. Thanks for understanding, and pm me with any questions.
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  • okayjonokayjon Registered Users 36 Posts
    Would like to have an option similar to the reality TV show where you gain viewers every time you shoot an episode and gain rewards as you move up the ranks. Would like that same system to work for other careers like modeling and party promoting, so there's more things to do and max.

    Also it would be easier to schedule a shoot through your phone instead of having to go to the mirimount studio and schedule there. Just to save the trip of having to go there every time, especially with so many locations being added and the different homes.
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  • Ladouce FemmeLadouce Femme Registered Users 549 Posts
    I 'm not sure if I made a post in the Update v7.4 - Anticipation but I guess I'll post it here if it got removed hehehe.

    There has to be a way to incorporate the new holdable objects into our photo booths poses (if not maybe we can compromise on 1-2 new poses dedicated for the new holdables?) and have them visible to our friends. PLEASE like these ones

    • remove the french nails on the new holdable objects as they don't even match our other set of hands a very minor detail but bothersome (the weird outerglow)!

  • KKHJeremyyKKHJeremyy Registered Users 78 Posts
    :Can We Have The White Nails Like Kim: : More Skin Tones: :More Poses:
  • Amberspa101Amberspa101 Registered Users 123 Posts
    Keep the hand help accessories coming!! Seriously this is amazing! We could have things like a phone, tablet, book, a cigarette would be so cool! Maybe like a co.ck tail or soda, a lip gloss or something. We just need more!

    For these hand held accessories to be able to be used in the photobooth, like after you buy the item that item is unlocked in the photo booth to use with the pose the item comes with.

    More poses/posed items for outside the photobooth our dolls need to have a static pose update.

    New backgrounds in the photobooth.

    New photobooth poses.

    More things for babies.

    Toddler update!
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  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,813 Posts
    When Amazon and Facebook get updates really late, please at least let us be able to do the weekend event while it waits.
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  • kkhaddict92kkhaddict92 Registered Users 149 Posts
    Give amazon and pc players the update like every other platforms.. We just lost the entire weekend event
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  • TatiKKHTatiKKH Registered Users 7 Posts
    I would love for the KKW Beauty Contour Kit to become available again. I've seen some dolls wearing it and I think it's fabulous, but didn't have the opportunity to get it when it came out.
  • Cheryl VCheryl V Registered Users 36 Posts
    Facebook will no longer be getting weekend events of updates.
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  • judithkkhjudithkkh Registered Users 1,699 Posts
    More items on our hands, I absolute loved this new feature! But I wish we could take those and our clutches with us to the photobooth so I hope to see that very soon.
    More poses as well <3
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    I would love to see a Scandinavian city like Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo added in the game
  • AmorotAmorot Registered Users 59 Posts
    Hello. Can you add these items to throwback boxes or in some of them like green jacket andblack dress with the belt in Kim's picks special. 

  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,038 Posts
    edited November 2017
    GluAdmin said:

    Hi Stars and Starlets.

    I'm assembling a formal list of suggestions for the producers, but it's hard to keep on top of all of the comments on other threads. So, this thread will be the destination for suggestions. In order to keep it most effective please do the following:

    • Bullet point your suggestions (or use a - dash)
    • Keep it as short as possible and avoid any extra description/analysis
    • Be as specific as possible
    • Content or feature suggestions only please (no economy, currency or energy stuff- we already know your feedback on that)

    So here's an example of how to do this using some suggestions I've seen recently:

    • more "other hand" rings and bracelets
    • darker lipstick colors
    • see gift item on friend/significant other in the closet before purchasing it for them
    • stay-at-home dates with SO
    Hi guys just wanted to put this here to tighten things up sgzin and remind us all of the threads original intention. . Please try to jeep your suggestions more like the requested bullet list and less like the multimedia presentations wr've seen recently. We do too much scrolling as it us,
    KISS......Keep it Short & Sweet .....? thanks
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