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  • Libria KyzalLibria Kyzal Registered Users 8 Posts
    .Both genders should flirt with you equally, if they are available.

    I have a female avatar, and after say 5 seconds men will make googly eyes at me and when I speak to them ask me out. I have NEVER dated a man. I think women should hit on you just as men do, if the game has calculated that you are available to that gender.
    And frankly I'd like the game to understand I don't want guys hitting on me if I've never dated one!!
  • Silz1217Silz1217 Registered Users 731 Posts
    I don't know if this is been said before but include star amount on VIP subscription would be great so people pay monthly for something since VIP clothes will eventually go in the closet for everyone

    like VIP 4.99$ = everything as now plus 80 k star
    vip 19.99$= everything as now plus 250 k star
    vip 59.99$= everything as now plus 760 k star

    IOS platform

    K&k Chanel level 27
    kkh Rachele level 24
  • Cruel YouthCruel Youth Registered Users 14 Posts
    - an appartment in Beverly Hills, with a rabbit maybe?

    Pets in:
    - Punta Mita; cacomistle.
    - Tribeca; persian cat.

    A location regrouping all our pets and a business; pet store or shelter.

    An arrow to go through cities more easily.

  • JennahJennah Registered Users 22 Posts
    Game suggestions:
    1) Makeovers for Simon, Maria, Dirk and Willow. They've been wearing the same clothes for over 3 years!
    2) Being able to trade cash for K-Stars e.g. $5,000 for 1 K-Star
    3) Partners ask for dates every 48 hours rather than every 24 hours
    4) More head tattoos
    5) More frequent discounts for multiple Throwback box purchases e.g 1st box 60 stars, 2nd box 50 stars, 3rd box 40 stars, etc.

    For gals:
    1) More cultural clothes options e.g. Japanese kimonos, Indian saris, Chinese cheongsams, etc.
    2) Birthstone, jade, turquoise jewelry
    3) Stand alone clear boots that aren't tied with a specific bottom
    4) Long gloves

    For guys:
    1) More facial options
    2) Navy dress shoes, full height cowboy boots
    3) More rings
    4) Full 5 o'clock shadow, like Garrett St. Clair
    5) An outfit like Chase's outfit
  • okayjonokayjon Registered Users 36 Posts
    Would like to see a pet shelter of some sort like previously suggested where you can adopt different types of pets from dogs to lizards with the option to name and customize them. Also to have them pop up at all of your houses to get extra energy.

    Having more structured career paths and being able to pick what you want to be like a reality TV star, movie star, fashion designer or store owner of whatever. Also being able to have a title for your character like NPCs have.

    Being able to join a clique or club with your friends in the game like the krew feature from KKG where you can chat with each other. It was the main reason why I played it and I really enjoyed it.

    Being able to throw different kinds of parties (not sure if this is in the game already, I haven't seen an option for it). But pretty much being able to throw a beach party or host a party at a specific place with friends. Also having theme parties like pool and costume parties.

    Having more in-depth picture taking options where you can take pictures with pets and/or with a group of friends. Like say after a pet party or pool party everyone can take a pic together.

    More furniture customization options for each home. Maybe inputting a furniture store to have something else to spend cash on.

    Having an in-game manual with tips and guides in case you forget how to do something, like owning a store. Also a breakdown of every location and how to get to it (some goals don't have it). Also having a character breakdown (not sure if this is in the game already). But just a page where it shows how many goals you completed and what kind of jobs they were, also which houses/stores you own, pets, reality show tapings, cash earned, etc.

    ... male crop tops.
    KKH- Jon
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    List of wants

    - Melbourne, Australia
    -Buenos Aires, Argentina
    -Beijing, China
    -Mumbai, India
    -Auckland, New Zealand
    -Madrid, Spain
    -Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    -Brussels, Belgium
    -Cairo, Egypt (Kourtney recently visited with Younes Benjamin)

    -The ability to create your own fragrance for ladies and men,
    -own and run a daycare center
    - run your own movie theater
    -run your own bakery
    -Run an elementary school

    -separate coats you can wear without any kind of clothes you want
    -Summery dresses
    -bodycon Dresses

    -platform shoes
    -pointy toe pumps
    -peptoe shoes

    -Trade throwback clothes that you don't want
    -Easier ways to earn K-Stars
    -Ability to gift the whole wardrobe to other players instead of certain items
  • thinkthistlethinkthistle Registered Users 220 Posts
    I wish we had footed tights. Sometimes leggings just don't look good, especially with boots that have that gap in the front all the way down, like this weekend's earnable.
    Iolanthe · level 35 · A+++
  • JasmineKKHJasmineKKH Registered Users 518 Posts
    this might be a long post, but i thought of a way to have the nanny serve a purpose if the player would like, since i know many people want to #firethenanny.

    i'm not sure what happens if the player divorces their spouse while they have kids, but i'll post this anyways.

    the nanny should not appear out of nowhere, instead:

    -if you are married, the spouse holds the other baby (if there are two) and you can switch babies like you can with the nanny

    -if there's only one baby, the player can hold the baby but also can switch with the spouse and the spouse can hold the one baby as well.

    -if there is a divorce, the player should keep their kids. our spouse no longer appears in the nursery. if there are two babies, one could lie down in a crib with the option to switch babies.

    -in the nursery, there is a button to "hire a nanny". you can make a payment (possibly weekly) to the nanny for a price where she will take care of the babies- meaning that you will not have to guess which action to do as she is experienced and can guarantee energy every time. when you get energy, the nanny should call you telling you that "your babies are well taken care of!" and you receive your energy. basically, you will never have to guess what action to do in the nursery anymore as the nanny will do it automatically.

    -if you are married and hire the nanny, you can switch between having the nanny and your spouse in the nursery. if you are divorced, the nanny will take the place of the spouse in the nursery.

    -you might be able to give the nanny a raise, which would motivate her to work harder giving you more energy every time she takes care of the babies. (e.g. 100 kash=1 energy, 200=2, etc.)

    just a thought. if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions that would be awesome!
    iOS platform
  • daffodildaffodil Registered Users 603 Posts
    Glu, PLEASE do something about the spam bots! They post more than regular users at this point.
    hackers can burn in hell
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,813 Posts
    We should be able to cancel parties before we officially start them. I notice I'm not the only one who accidently throws parties sometimes during reality show events.
    Platform: Android

  • okayjonokayjon Registered Users 36 Posts
    Could add careers like reality tv star, model etc. and we can get gifts from each level up on career specific events. It would give us more to do in the game and take a while to max out in each career path.
    KKH- Jon
  • ThanatosXThanatosX Registered Users 39 Posts
    Game looks gorgeous on a 12.9 iPad Pro. Some of the UI could use a little personal touch, the active task boxes are quite large compared to the text inside, font is a pretty nice size for the screen. The announcement window for events and sales is also quite large and underneath the tasks on the left side.

    The ground plane for collectables seems a little off too.
  • PacoDeLlamaPacoDeLlama Registered Users 22 Posts
    Maybe a Filter button in the closet, so you can see items that only cost cash or stars in separate tabs, as well as still seeing them together..
  • Silz1217Silz1217 Registered Users 731 Posts
    Put VIP storyline exclusive items in closet for a price or inside throwback boxes .. pretty please
    we love hairstyles also so more hair is always good
    take energy and kash off the black and gold box picks during midweek events so we get a better chance to pick clothes/hair or midweek events to have 4 tb box instead 2 black 1 gold and one tb ( if not all 4 at least 2)

    IOS platform

    K&k Chanel level 27
    kkh Rachele level 24
  • thinkthistlethinkthistle Registered Users 220 Posts
    I frequently find myself wishing we could film multiple reality shows at once. Not in the same house, of course, but what's the point of owning more than one house if we can't use more than one at a time?
    Iolanthe · level 35 · A+++
  • okayjonokayjon Registered Users 36 Posts
    Being able to play cross platform so IOS and Android players can play with each other.
    KKH- Jon
  • Silz1217Silz1217 Registered Users 731 Posts
    I love SHop my closet and I still have to get them all and I intend to buy them all I just hope they will repeat putting out every single SMC they did since the beginning of the game till now
    but I also would love to see these looks in new SMC and then they can repeat so that if someone didn't get the chance to buy it they can get more chances





    IOS platform

    K&k Chanel level 27
    kkh Rachele level 24
  • CherreyCherrey Registered Users 1,491 Posts
    I'd like to have a like button in the game to give my friends some positive feedback when they nail it again with some stunning outfits :rolleyes:
  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    ♡ turn Waikiki into a functioning place that can be used even after you renew your vows. Some ideas are: a beautiful Waikiki house (with a pet dolphin to boot, or maybe some lucrative business idea there (tiki bar, for example). It could even be used as a sweet dating spot, like Big Sur and Nappa Valley.

    ♡ Give people a chance to purchase VIP membership rewards they missed out on. For example, I am bronze VIP, but would gladly spend K stars to get a hairstyle I missed out on that only gold members got.
    I understand that the entire incentive for memberships is these exclusive items, but gold members would still be benefiting more than anyone else because they didn't have to pay any K stars for the exclusive items. I don't think offering those exclusive items, maybe even for a limited time, for K stars to everyone else would make the gold members unhappy, because after all, they still get the awesome advantage of getting something for 0 k stars that I would gladly pay 100 K stars or more for.

    ♡ add a bunny as a (walkable) pet.

    ♡ this might be a bit too much to ask, but I absolutely love the way the player can choose their specific decorations for places like Napa Valley, Big Sur, or even some So Chic locations. It would be really cool to be able to do that in our regular houses too. It doesn't have to be a lot, but maybe 2-3 furniture options per furniture spot, or even the same piece of furniture in different colors? The houses in the game are all beautiful, it would just be nice to have some say in their furnishings, as some specific items clash with my own personal taste. There are unlimited possibilities, but for clarity, one example could be: There is an option to buy a piano in the London home. Maybe one player is not a piano person. It would be super cool if, instead of being forced to buy the piano or leave the place unfurnished, there were maybe 2-3 more options, maybe a guitar, violin, or harp. That way the overall musical gist is still the same, but the players have some control over how they can decorate their houses.

    ♡ Further, and lastly, it would be really awesome if there was a party feature like in K&K, where other players you are friends with could actually see your house. Just like in K&K, they could have maybe 1-3 party tasks they need to fill, and both the party thrower and party attendee could gain bonus relationship points / event points / kash / whatever if all the tasks are completed. I would personally feel much more motivated to furnish my houses if I knew other people were going to see them. As of now, I have no real incentive to furnish them, as they don't really further my doll in any way except to give her 1 or 2 heart or star points, and not nearly enough to make a difference at this point. If I knew people were going to be able to visit my house and see what I've done with it, I'm much more likely to shell out kash and K stars to make sure it looks good for my guests.

    KKH iOS player ✨

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  • kyannnaakyannnaa Registered Users 12 Posts
    -new skintones
    -more makeup options (that actually look good)for the darker skinned dolls
    -home dates with s/o
    -the ability to do more w/ pets, babies, and cars
    -the ability to see how much XP is needed to level up

  • CeceFordCeceFord Registered Users 45 Posts
    My favorite thing about the game is the character customization. With that in mind I have two suggestions:

    1. In addition to appearance, I think it would be cool if there were "personality" customization options that would influence your doll's mannerisms, poses and maybe even story response options. Maybe one set of poses and tics if you select "shy", another for "flirtatious" and still another for "feisty" or "sweet", etc. Even with as little as three choices influencing your character's behavior it could really create some unique customization.

    2. Currently there are one-off story characters seemingly randomly generated and recurring characters consistent in all games. I'd like to see a third kind of character that the user can design, just like their doll, that can plugged into stories as a recurring character. For instance you could have a "best friend" character or two that appears whenever a plot calls for it (and can be called for gigs), a "frenemy" character who gets your doll into trouble occasionally, a "protege", etc. The key is that they be designable and unique to each user's taste.
  • Cruel YouthCruel Youth Registered Users 14 Posts
    Please remove Waikiki, it's empty and useless.
  • Selly kkhSelly kkh Registered Users 58 Posts
    • new poses pretty please
    • lip ring please
    • tattoo in other parts of the body
    • new items in the throwback event
    • new clothes for the babies
    • make the babies grow
    • more facial features
    • body shape (even if I understand that it would be complicated to do it since you have to modify all the clothes)

    And that's what I want for the moment ❤️
  • VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    Dear GluGods, may I have your attention please?!

    It's time to you give us the option to grow up our doll's babies into adorable toddlers.:)

    Once you come up with a toddler update (please don't make us wait beyond 8.0.0, ok?!), pretty please design a cute hairstyle like this one:


    Isn't super cute?! Yeah I know, it's worth of thousand of stars...so shut up and take my stars doing that lol.

    And since I'm here, reposting this one:
    Vats wrote: »
    I would LOVE to see this hair in a future update/event:

    Preferably with the strands falling over both shoulders as in the pic (guys are getting GREAT long hairstyles lately, although none has this characteristic).

    Am I pushing too much????

    Haha you haven't seen nothing yet!

    Thanks, love y'all!
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,038 Posts
    I love the game, but a few things I would love to see..
    • Npc spouse customization to include skin tone.
    • If toddlers can't be done, how about a stroller with our baby next to us on the street, like pets?
    • More gold and diamond jewelry. IE: Tennis bracelet for the 'Other' hand.
    • Please put our spouse in the nursery, dump the nanny. Put her on an option button. We choose between different cribs in the nursery, how about a spouse/nanny button?
    • Could we have a new prize in the gbs? A free Save in the lookbook would be sweet.

    Most of all....kim and Kanye's third child is due in January...can we have another baby please?
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  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,813 Posts
    Could the blue top you can buy once you get to level 49 please be redone to go under pants and skirts instead of over them? It doesn't look right when it covers the top part of high waisted pants.
    a bonus star for parties
    Significant others should pay for dates 50% of the time so dating events don't waste so much money
    Platform: Android

  • Silz1217Silz1217 Registered Users 731 Posts
    I know It won't happen but all hairstyle in throwback boxes put permanently in the closet when you add the new items in the boxes to update them..obviously for a price not free and leave in tb boxes just clothes and accessories and most recent hairstyle till like 6 month go by and then put them in the closet and repeat.. I know I know your eyes are probably rolling but
    ..a girl can dream! I just really want all the hairstyles

    IOS platform

    K&k Chanel level 27
    kkh Rachele level 24
  • SaimsxxSaimsxx Registered Users 1 Posts
    Allow us to have a relationship with cassio and declan please!!!!
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,813 Posts
    Have sales during VIP events instead of after. It always after I already spent a lot of k stars that sales happen.
    Platform: Android

  • ladykrystalladykrystal Registered Users 498 Posts
    A suggestion to improve the VIP subscription would be to increase the amount of throwback gift boxes you earn throughout the weekday event from 1 to 4 if your a Bronze, silver or gold VIP membership member. (Replacing the black & gold boxes)

    Because personally I don't think it's value for money at the moment. I would definitely spend my money if Glu could change this.
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