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  • thelifeofRaeRaethelifeofRaeRae Registered Users, Member 1,355 Posts
    I love the earnable shoes and dress!! wow! And I love the GB dress, boots, and purse! Not wild about either hair, but I don't hate them :) 
    I have been waiting for some see through shoes like these! I have seen others with them from past events and they are so fabulous! Thank you for the spoilers! 
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  • Rxghida_Rxghida_ Registered Users, Member 144 Posts
    I love the earnable dress and the gb boots 😍😍😍💘💘 and the petal dress is so fabulous 😭♥️
  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,275 Posts
    Really like the earnable dress and shoes! Nor feeling the hair.
    Like so much both boots and dress from gift box but not enough to chase them.
    The collection's bundle is stunning but the rest is meh
  • miahmiah Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Like the earnable stuff! The GB things are okay, the only thing I like are the boots but I don’t know if I want to chase them. 
    I think I’ll just do Kollections this weekend, I like the ponytail! 
  • CherreyCherrey Advanced Member Registered Users 1,481 Posts
    I absolutely love the transparent shoes  <3
  • samaaanthaaasamaaanthaaa Registered Users, Member 975 Posts

    This hair is E V E R Y T H I N G
  • Loveflower01Loveflower01 New Member Registered Users 308 Posts
    How cute! 🥰
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  • MinterBalkiMinterBalki Registered Users, Member 219 Posts
    Definitely going to get the earnable dress, not crazy about the hair. The ponytails look odd to me. 
    I love the hair, dress, purse and earrings from the kollection, but I definitely don't have enough stars to take more than 2 spins 😭
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  • TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,135 Posts
    Earnables. Love everything especially the dress. I think it is a good sheeny material that will be interesting to dye with. The hair is giving me Baby Spice Wannabe Era. Shoes is gorgeous !

    GB. Loving the boots! Love a thigh high with rhinestones. The dress is ok. If you are a dog owner that hair bun is a Kong. 

    Kollection. I love everything. The both hairs are bomb. The rose dress is so special and architectural. The silver clutch is going to be useful for SYS. The blue top and skirt is great too. 
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  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 1,749 Posts
    I really like the earnables, especially the hair! I don't think we have anything like it.. it's soooo cute!
    And I love the kollections dress! It's absolutely beautiful. <3
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  • RoxannaKKHRoxannaKKH Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    OMGG! The earnable dress and the gb boots are to die for. 😱😍🙊
  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 5,653 Posts
    Earnables: I like the dress and shoes. Hair I will never use.

    GB: The boots are a MUST. I like the dress too, it is dark so will probably look great dyed. I like that you made it plum colored instead of black like the original. The hair is kinda cool. The purse is a no for me dawg.

    Kollection: Bundle is a must! I only care for the dress and hair though, the shoes are nothing special. The rest of the Kollection is just okay to me.
  • NaimonsterNaimonster Expert Member Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    I love the pigtails! It's how I did my hair when I was a kid.

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  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,080 Posts
    EARNABLES: Love them ! I’m not sure about the hair but maybe with some casual look it looks cute

    GB: love the boots, like the dress and the rest is a no for me, I don’t think I’ll chase

    Kollection: I like it I’m definitely go for it in a future Vip 😉
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  • katiealexandraakatiealexandraa Advanced Member Registered Users 1,153 Posts
    Thank you for the spoilers, @KalindaKing!

    I really like the earnables. The hair isn't really my style, but I don't have anything like it—it's fun! Same with the dress.

    I really like the giftbox dress and boots. I don't like the hair or bag, so I don't know if it's worth chasing.

    The kollection is beautiful—I really like most of the items. Kollections are too expensive for me to participate in, but I'm excited for it to pop up during a future VIP event.
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  • MollyMonroeMollyMonroe Registered Users, Member 508 Posts
    LOVE the earnables and OBSESSED with the Kollection bundle. 

    I wonder if it would ever be possible to exchange the kash in kollections for dye bundles? 
  • dingbat89dingbat89 Registered Users, Member 118 Posts
    Them boots are fabulous!!!

    The earnable items look so odd to me as a whole outfit. The dress looks more formal so the cutesy pigtails look out of place and the shoes are see-through but also look silver whilst the dress is gold so it all just looks a bit strange as a whole outfit lol. Seperate, they are all nice enough items though so I'm not complaining.

    Really like the handheld purse from the kollection too but I'm too broke for a kollection right now :disappointed:
  • thallisathallisa New Member Registered Users 1,383 Posts
    I’m obsessed with the earnables! Love the shoes, the dress but especially that hair! It’s super cute 💕

    GB items are okay, I like the boots the most but not enough to chase them. 

    Floral dress from the kollection is absolutely beautiful and the purse is really nice. I’m not a fan of the rest of the items though, so I’ll probably do only one or two spins max for now. 
  • ponylegsponylegs Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    Omg the earnable hair! Super cute.
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 27,027 Posts
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    the hair, our roller skates and short shorts with a hater top, you have my I'm 18 and legal look for that summer. I got my drivers lic and I had my first Harley Ride.    lol.
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  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier New Member Registered Users 2,719 Posts
    KKHLucy said:

    Ahhhh I can finally dress up as Baby Spice for a Halloween SYS 😍

    Baby Spice is the first thing I thought of when I saw that hair. I was literally about to post something similar. 
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  • Selena.kkhSelena.kkh Junior Member Registered Users 138 Posts
    I know this has been asked before, but how many K-Stars do you have to spend to get every item in the Kollection? 
  • MollyMonroeMollyMonroe Registered Users, Member 508 Posts
    *when you're supposed to be gearing up to grind on reality shows but you're still in a party mood from Kim's epic Gatsby level blowout*

    cc: @thallisa
    We'll just have to have mini parties while the cameras are rolling lol!
  • DelenaGovatoDelenaGovato Registered Users, Member 534 Posts
    I love the earnable dress. 
    I love the GB boots. 
    I love the kollection. 
    I hate that I don't have k-stars😂
  • charlottegoldcharlottegold Registered Users, Member 1,991 Posts
    The earnables are so pretty! Not sure if I think the hair really “fits” with the formal dress but I cannot wait to wear them independently! 
    The gift box - love the boots and dress, dislike the hair 😂 don’t have kstars to spare though, so I can’t chase ☹️☹️
    the kollection - would love to get lucky enough to win that bundle one day! It is everything! 
  • KaylaJKaylaJ Senior Member Registered Users 2,954 Posts
    Earnables: I LOVE the hair. I too used to wear pigtails all the time as a kid. They're much fuller than mine used to be, but with a Summery SYS coming up, I bet I can make them work into something. The shoes & dress are OK, not sure about the fad of cutting out the stomachs in dresses these days? and the color is meh to me, but I have plenty of pink

    GB: I really only like the boots. The purse is nice, but a shoulder purse these days just doesn't have the same feel. The hair is tall and the dress may look different dyed.

    Kollection: The detail to the petals on that dress are solid, good job to the design team at Glu. I may try for the clutch but other than, I'm kinda meh about the rest
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  • AriaAria Registered Users, Member 48 Posts
    I LOVE the earnable hair so much! It's just super cute and I can't wait to dress with it ^_^. Dress looks like it's made out of silk and it's so beautiful and elegant. It's been awhile since I've been this happy about the earnables!
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