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    Okay I was checking for update spoilers & I just had to respond to these sweet messages. 

    @SisSnappedLikeThanos you are definitely not lacking in bad b*tch energy, or bravery. You're always stepping in when things aren't right on here as well, & your edits and memes always make my day!! Also, you were the first person to ever message me on here & it meant a ton. 

    @samanthakkh I just adore you. I'm so glad you found a home on the forum, & it touches my heart that I was a part of that. You are so genuine & kind, and your looks are also always fabulous. I admire that you speak your mind as well, and the real-ness of your posts is so appreciated.

    I would start tagging people as well, but I'm too scared I'll forget someone & feel awful about it so I'll just do a general post. There are so many kind & helpful people on here, and I would have definitely deleted this app by now out of frustration if I hadn't of found the forum. I appreciate all of y'all who are just genuinely helpful in every situation, who are always speaking up if something is out of place, and who share their wonderful ideas & looks week after week. Even when there has been times where we don't all agree on things, I appreciate everyone who has been willing to talk it out & stay respectful to each other regardless. I won't be on much in the coming weeks, but I'm happy to be able to write a post like this before that started. Seriously, this thread is genius & reading it just gives ya the warm fuzzies
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    Shout out to @LindaVB for being a style queen and for making such a lovely encyclopedia for the forum to always refer to. I think I speak for everyone when I say it's greatly appreciated. 
    @kkh_clarice I don't see you around the forum as much these days, but I always thought your edits were really nice and your doll is such a fashionable cutie pie. 
    @Koakuma Your doll is so pretty and always dressed to impress. I want to yell at the voters this week for not appreciating the looks you are serving. They must be jealous 💁🏻‍♀️

    - Emmy
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    @AYewKKHTysm for this thread, it was much needed. For most people on the forum I have stand out moments that I remember them by, for you one of them is “the person who posted that forum dolls are so beautiful they have spontaneous fireworks going off” 😂 which I thought was the cutest thing ever. So I now know you as the sweet firework forum angel lol. 

    @SisSnappedLikeThanos poopie. Thanks for absolutely everything I couldn’t have asked for a better person in my life. I want nothing but the best for you always. I know everyone under the sun has told you this already but you’re so talented and amazing and every time someone tells you that it adds years to my lifespan, ily 💞

    Okay the rest of these are embarrassing because none of you know me and I really related to @VioletDreams’s post about the friend crush 😂 

    @KaylaJ @soundspretty @NaimonsterI know Naimonster doesn’t really post anymore but you guys are some of the og forum queens I’ve always thought were so effortlessly funny and cool lol. Also @KaylaJ I love seeing your looks during sys, your doll is always breathtaking.

    @therealChar @RikkI love how you both stick your ground during sys and submit what you want to submit. I’m weak and always want to please the voters lmao so I really admire that. You both have amazing style 💙

    @thallisa without fail your inspiration looks in the sys thread always leave me in awe! Your wardrobe is absolute goals, you inspire me to keep working at this game and continue expanding my own.

    I’m sorry this is kinda long oof. I’ve lurked for a while now so there’s so many of you that I think are super neat and sweet that are slipping my mind right now that I silently admire from afar lol. Maybe I’ll post about some more another time. I hope these positive vibes can continue and take over the rest of the forum 💞

    SisSnappedLikeThanos deserves the world 💞
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     @Sahana for keeping it real always and always being a sweetheart and a goddess 
    @kkh_clarice for always being nice even when i was rude to you and im sorry for that im a bit passionate when it comes to poc and i didnt know. 
    @brunakkh seriously love your style and keep doing you your doing so good ♡ 
    @Roxxie seriously i wish i could hug you i know ur having a difficult time but keep ur head up ♡ keep slaying cause i live for it all !
    @jhabs my apologies for the word i called ya the more i got to know ya the more i understand what u mean about certain things and we agree on more things then i thought ! 
    @jessica296 i love how you are so protective of your love its what everyone deserves someone that beautiful and protective of their partner ♡ 
    Literally if i didnt mention you im sorry 😭 mostly everyone here is stunning and positive and it inspires me. I know back when i first came i didnt have a good view cause of some individuals who are banned and gone and it soured my view. :)
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    @samanthakkh ❤️❤️
    Player since day 1 🤩 iOS

    📢 ‼️ let us exchange things we dont like into k stars/diamonds
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    You guys are making me all warm and fuzzy inside ❤❤❤
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    Im always lurking the forums but not posting too much, a bit here and there (usually when im pissed at GLU) but I must say it’s so cool to see the bond you all have to each other 💗 ANNNNDDDDD how you can recognize each other in the SYS voting booth!! 😂 I would’nt even recognize myself in there! 
    Player since day 1 🤩 iOS

    📢 ‼️ let us exchange things we dont like into k stars/diamonds
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    @Bear_KKH @therealChar Thank you for the kind words dolls! You guys are always so nice 🥰
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    @therealChar thank you so much, sweetheart! I love your style and seeing your looks every week
    IOS player
    🌸 be nice to each other 🌸
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    @julia19 special shoot out 💜🥺 this queen is always kind and sweet
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    Oh my God this thread very cute and I intend to read all of it and dedicate some messages...
    @Bear_KKH Thank you so much, I think your doll is gorgeous and all of your positions are so correct! 🥰😍

    @therealChar I don't even remember why we discussed it but it's definitely in the past! And I total get you now. 💕
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    @jessica296 I am more than okay with being the firework forum angel lol, and never worry about dragging on too long with these. I'm sure anyone would be ecstatic to read essays about themselves ;)
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    KKH Kudos thread 💖💖
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    @julia19 special shoot out 💜🥺 this queen is always kind and sweet
    Aw thank you so much 🥺❤️ I love seeing your posts here and you are so kind!
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    LydiaKKH said:
    I'm loving this thread and idea behind it so there're some of my fave dolls!

    @therealChar @AmandaMKkh @Gigi_kkh_ @TrashleyKKH @MarianiPoizen @keepingupwithkelsey @mikaylachimo always looking for your looks in every SYS thread! 🔥 You're such an inspiration and fashion icons for me! 😍

    @Basak @AguadeCoco @kadamisia @Carol Davida @julia19 I'm so happy I've met you! Thank you for every small talk we had. ❤️

    @SisSnappedLikeThanos mad skills and amazing talent! 😍 Also your post always make me laugh. 😂

    Also shoutout to Jenny and KKH Queen! I know they're not here but I belive they'll see that somehow. 💕 
    Thank you, you are so sweet ❤️ I love the forum and this positivity 
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    @oopsididitagain my day is made!! thank you so much that means more than you know! 🥺💛
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    @AYewKKH I absolutely love this thread idea. Thank you for spreading so much joy. You are such a sweet person with a great sense of humor. Your words really mean a lot.

    @Chooky1116 Thank you. Your comments are always so nice. I really appreciate your kindness. Your doll is such a beauty by the way. The perfect combination of sophistication and playfulness.

    @mandamay76 You are very kind. Thank you so much. I'm always excited to see your doll. You pay such a great attention to detail with every look you create.

    @Bear_KKH You have a very uplifting spirit and I'm always happy when I see you around. Thank you!

    @therealChar My heart literally popped when I read your comment. You are the sweetest and I hope you know how much I (and a lot of other players) appreciate your kindness.

    @TrashleyKKH Thank you, my dear! You are one of my favorite people in this community. I admire your sense of style, your humor, and your bright spirit. I love how you think out of the box when it comes to styling. Absolutely high end.

    @mikaylachimo You know that I'm a huge fangirl of yours. You are such a smart, sweet, and supportive person. I already told you that your doll is one of my absolute favorites. Your looks are always on point, sharp as hell, and just perfect.

    @EmCharlotte Thank you so much! You are such a sweet and funny person and I'm very grateful for your words. I hope you know how much they mean.

    @elettrahere Thank you for always being sweet and supportive. I appreciate it very much. I also love your doll. She always looks like an Italian superstar.

    @pilirositolam You always make people feel appreciated and valued. Thank you so much for everything. I hope you know how much this means in our community.

    @kokokokonut You are a boss lady. Thank you for always being there. It feels so good to know that someone cares. This forum would suck without you.

    @Rikk Where do I begin? You are the best. I love your kind soul, your honest support, your ability to pull off edgy and stunning looks like no one else. You are a true inspiration. Thank you!

    @LovelyEmma I think you are a lovely person and I appreciate our little conversations very much. Your excitement is contagious. You can always drop me a mail if you feel like it. 

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    @Cherrey ur sooo sweet 💕💕💕 Thanks for the kind words!! I really apriciate it!
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    @Cherrey thank you that means so much coming from you!  Seriously this thread has made my weekend!  Seeing some other dolls being shouted out and I can’t agree more with all the sentiments! 
    iOS player  
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    @Cherrey Thank you so much beautiful 🥺❤️
    IOS player ❤️ 
    Kiwi 🥝 
    Follow my Instagram, chooky_kkh 😍
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    I’m really touched and moved by all the love on this thread. You guys are really amazing.

    I have to share my love and appreciation for @Carol Davida! I love your spirit and your soul. I remember back on Valentine’s Day you were talking about how important it is to love yourself, every part of yourself, and how it’s a journey getting there. I remember that and think about that often! That message is so important — thank you for saying that! @Carol Davida, deep, unique, and beloved 💜
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    (You don't have to read this. This isn't technically a kudos, more an explanation for the thread. So um, read on, if you like those.)

    Despite my joking around about being a psychologist by osmosis, I'm actually a student currently studying psychology. Seeing these past few SYS threads has made some things painfully clear. In social psychology we study the power of the situation and how it morphs individual behavior. How online anonymity has a de-individuating effect, and how ideas of unfairness and scarcity can influence mobs -- which, even in an online forum, we can sort of see pan out. No one goes into a store on Black Friday expecting to trample someone else, just as no one steps into SYS ready to launch ad hominems at each other. (Those things aren't equal, obviously. It's just not an easy analogy to draw.) To take away that anonymity effect, you emphasize individuality. You point at someone else and say, you, I know you. Some of this is just technical mumbo jumbo, but it all boils down to remembering that we are all people, and that our frustrations are momentary where humanity is life-long.

    We're in some pretty unusual circumstances at the moment, and many if not most of us are experiencing some sort of existential dread as well as some very concrete problems over this pandemic. It can be really easy to divert those frustrations wherever we can, to try and regain a semblance of control, especially online. My hope is that we can all remember, at the end of the day, that our angrier parts are not our wholes, and that what defines us as human beings is an astounding capacity for empathy and compassion. We are all of us, I hope, here because we enjoy being here, and enjoy being around the people who populate this forum. Kindness really is the order of the day, and I'm so warmed and encouraged that you all seem to agree.

    Thank you all for an amazing first day or so of the Kudos thread, and I anticipate many more to come. Take care, all, and be well. -A.Yew
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    KKH Kudos thread 💖💖
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    Y’all I feel like this is what we needed 💕 I’m so glad we’re able to spread positivity, and not negativity. All of y’all are so talented, both Queens and Kings. I hope we continue to spread this positivity 💗 just remember to keep going and keep your head up! We might disagree sometimes, but that makes it better for everyone. I also want to thank @samanthakkh for welcoming me to the forum! Thanks so much doll!💕I love seeing your looks! 💕 everyone, continue to stand up for what’s right, don’t let nobody trample over you! 💕💕💕💕
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    @therealChar it’s funny because I was thinking about you in this thread- it’s all in the past on my end, I’m sorry for my part as well!! I agree we definitely both do have more in common than we thought originally and I’m happy you stuck around on the forum!!
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 471 Posts
    @woahbabesursotoxic of course! i love your looks as well and the effort you put into them! thank you so much! 🥰
  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 1,072 Posts
    @samanthakkh you’re so welcome! thanks so much doll! 💕💕💕
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    @ViennaKKH gosh I did not think I'd ever show up in this topic as I don't post as often as most members!! Thank you so much for the mention, it's so sweet you remembered me 🥺

    It's gonna take me a while to think of everyone off the top of my head, but here are a couple to start with, I'll post more when I'm a little less busy as there are so many of you I appreciate so much! 

    @SisSnappedLikeThanos you are by far the funniest person on this forum, and possibly on the internet as a whole. I feel like if we knew each other in real life we'd genuinely be best friends (or I'd be that annoying friend who's completely obsessed with you and follows you around hoping to one day be your sidekick). I really regret not getting to know you better since you announced your departure on here because whenever I see a comment from you I don't even need to read it to know it's going to be absolutely brilliant. Honestly, nothing compares to the feeling of validation I get when you react to my comments, it makes me feel like god herself has patted me on the back.

    @therealChar although the first time we spoke on here we was over a disagreement, I have come to absolutely adore you. I really admire how you speak up for the lack of clothing and makeup that works for POC within the game and I'm so glad your comments are finally (starting to) pay off with nice-looking, earnable hair that suits black dolls. I really hope this is a sign developers are working on more items to come based off of your suggestions.

    More importantly, I really appreciate your dedication to calling people out who are making inappropriate and offensive comments (whether intentional or not), particularly when it comes to racial issues. I feel like a lot of people, myself included, are blind to the issues of under-representation and microaggressions POC (particularly black women) face on an everyday basis, and I find it so frustrating when people disregard your comments because they don't see it for themselves. You're a breath of fresh air and the way you challenge peoples' viewpoints is so admirable.

    @Maree_kkh before today/yesterday I had never really interacted with you properly, but after the comment you probably know I'm referring to here, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate your ability to educate people properly with such calmness and eloquence. Similarly to Char, I really appreciate your dedication to speaking up about issues in the game, particularly the issues that POC face both on this forum and within the game itself. You are so admirable and I hope to one day be able to speak as brilliantly and clearly as you do.

    @kokokokonut honestly I do not know how you moderate these forums, you are fantastic at staying impartial when there are conflicts on here and even better at trying to diffuse situations, even when people don't want to be diffused. You are such a fantastic moderator, I really appreciate the enormous amount of effort you put into talking to everyone and getting to know us all, regardless of whether we're newbies, OGs, part-timers, or hardcore commenters. Your dedication to keeping up morale with your infectious enthusiasm on here is unmatched, and I think I speak for a lot of players when I say that seeing your threads pop up on Wednesdays and Thursdays after refreshing the forum every ten minutes is the best feeling. I can honestly say those posts along with your energy bring me more serotonin than my antidepressants do.

    Also, I must confess that before I joined this forum I was indifferent to the colour purple, but now I've found myself leaning towards it more and more. I wish I was joking but I bought purple toilet roll for a friend who is equally as obsessed with purple to go in a care package I sent her and it's got me thinking that I should treat myself to some too 👀 A regal colour very fitting for KKH royalty 🥥💜

    Apologies for the wall of text, everyone! There are so many more of you I want to thank but it's 5:25am here so I think it's best to save it for another time (or before someone comes to my house and takes my laptop away from me)

    Each and every one of you are such a delight (even you lurkers who never post- I hope you join us one day xoxoxo) and I really need to start getting to know more of you guys properly. Despite the ups and downs within the game and on here, this forum brings me such a fantastic feeling of friendship and community, especially when lockdown is so horribly isolating.

    Love you all and thank you for always being here when I need a friend 💕
    Katie, iOS player, actually a lizard with a keyboard
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    @snakiekkh ♡ aww 😭 seriously i appreciate this. I hope your dissertation is going well ! Your doll is beautiful and I love seeing u on the forum 
    Thechar *android IOS  player level 31 daily player*  makeup junkie*  avid gamer * BLACKLIVESMATTER*JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD*
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    @therealChar thank you angel, it's a shambles atm but I'll get there hahahaha 🤡 I love seeing your comments on here and your doll is absolutely stunning too!! I definitely owe you a good few of the votes I've got for all the inspiration pics you've posted of yourself and other dolls in the voting booth, just wish I could gift them to you to spite the ticket-buying prom queens in your group 🥴
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    Well since @Bear_KKH and @therealChar mentioned me here with a super affectionate message and I really am absent from this forum, I decided to take the opportunity to mention the dearest people with whom I have already exchanged some words and also others that I haven't so much contact with, but I love their dolls or common sense... Maybe this will took a long time to read (or not, who knows).

    @FilipaKKH My dearest portuguese friend who even made me have another view of the portuguese people (I'm brazilian, for those who doesn't know Portugal stole our gold lol) I adore you! You always light up any thread around here with your wisdom and kindness! I bet a lot of people miss seeing you often. 🤍

    @SisSnappedLikeThanos The first person who actually welcomed me around here was you, I think you are really sweet, talented and funny person! I adore you as well! Just upset me you never used me for any special edit 👀, you know... JK. You are a sweetie pie. 🤍

    @AliBryant Always willing to help and answer all possible doubts and still manages to have an enviable class when questioning Glu for the stupid things that this game has. A queen. 🤍

    @Maree_kkh and @thallisa Your dolls are beautiful!!! I think they are my favorites for sure and both of you are super positioned and consistent with your opinions regarding any discussion you may have here. 🤍🤍

    @pilirositolam I already said and I repeat: for me you are the queen of inspirations looks. 🤍

    And for you who have read this comment so far, if you somehow helped/answered any questions I had, I am grateful to you. This KKH community is very toxic indeed but there are good people who are willing to help anyone. Unfortunately my memory is very poor and I cannot mention all that were kind to me of someway.
    I hope you feel embraced by me wherever you are right now and that you take care of yourself and your loved ones.
    These are difficult times...
    🌸 android daily player | english isn't my first language 🌸
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    Shout out to @samanthakkh for showcasing on-theme newbie looks. Thanks so much for appreciating newcomers who're doing their absolute best with what they have! Absolutely the tone we should be setting for this forum. A true role model 💕
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    KKH Kudos thread 💖💖
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