Weekend Event 9/16/16 - First Annual GLU Kimmie Awards & Party Event



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    They look great. I'l fire up PaingShopPro right after I make Baba's lunch. :)
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    Each and everyone of you is guaranteed to take home at least one of these lovely new Crystal Trophies.


    OMG Koko, this is so sweet! My doll is honored and very excited!

    I think this is how AppleP is attending the award show this weekend.Apple_PKimmie_Awards.jpg

    Hair on point. Also, the purple outfit is a delight. Good job!

    Seriously, that girl thinks everything has to be custom made.

    Don't blame her, Koko. She deserves it ;).

    About my doll.. well
    Her latest A-lista episode (A-lista because it's featuring mailny A-listers and her name is Alisa. *padum ts*) was an usual episode, but this time the ending was a bit different.
    She talked about her future plans and her preps for Kimmie Awards, which is the subject of her next episode. (Maybe AppleP will be featuring one of her episods in the future too. Who knows? ;3 )
    *She's really proud of herself and can't wait to meet all the nominees. She doesn't love small talks too much, but she has to start somewhere :).


    This is the look she choose.
    She likes that hairstyle, but she also loves keeping her long, dark hair healthy, so.. no light blonde for her!

    P.S.: This male hairstyle is by far my favorite!

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