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    reema said:
    @KkhElena you’ve done nothing but insult and complain, i’m genuinely trying to understand why you seem to think fantasy world = reality. i’m trying to have a conversation and yes i’m frustrated so i’ve been slightly rude, but you’re equally adding fuel to the fire, i’m not trying to be microaggressive i’m not trying to disregard peoples opinions i just don’t understand anything you’re saying, yes the stuff you’ve mentioned have flown over my head because it’s all insults, i can’t have a conversation with you and the others that are joining in if all you’re going to do is insult me. lmao/lol/dude/lmfao are just things that i use in the way i type nothing is funny in this situation, i apologise and i’ll try not to use them
    You really don't have to try to be racist to be racist. You choosing to ignore what people are calling you out for is the problem. You acting like a victim is another.
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    reema said:
    Unwinter said:
    Do you actually and genuinely believe that "just leave" is a solution? Because if you do- oh boy do I have some news about life 
    yes because this is a game, no rl. 
    I hate to tell you this but your comments on this forum exist in the real world where people can see them. 
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    hanhanhan said:
    Do either of you plan to respond here and actually moderate this forum and thread and take action on actually disruptive members of the forum rather than those who are calling out problematic behaviour?

    @KalindaKing @kokokokonut

    I'll wait...
  • deliqhteddeliqhted Registered Users, Member 226 Posts
    These discussions and arguments over digital blackface wouldn’t keep happening in SYS threads if it wasn’t a real issue. The only way this is going to stop is moderating racist members on this forum. This announcement is tone-deaf and dismissive. People wouldn’t be getting heated if there wasn’t anything to get heated about :/
    Exactly. It’s like these people think we actually wake up and decide what to randomly be offended by today. If this wasn't a real and serious issue why would we be talking about it every other day, despite the exhaustion and stress it puts on us? People love to pull the “its a game” “its online” but this is just as real as real life. If you do this on a game, I cant imagine what you do irl. It’s upsetting a lot of us play these types of games as an escape yet we come on here to play a game just to be met with the same racism and antiblackness we experience offline. 
  • deliqhteddeliqhted Registered Users, Member 226 Posts
    reema said:
    reema said:
    hanhanhan said:
    “If you are not happy with moderation, you still need to follow the forum rules and respect each other. ”

    So essentially we have to suck it up and deal with insufficient moderation even when we voice our concerns and provide clear instructions on what would be more appropriate and appreciated in the forum?

    Good to know that Glu clearly doesn’t care! Thanks for confirming :)
    @KalindaKing @kokokokonut
    okay then leave, no one is forcing you to stay lmfao

    @reema don’t pretend like you came in here politely to discuss this. 
    it was a solution. don’t like the mods, then leave, i don’t understand why it had to be blown out of proportion 
    How is this a solution? Thats like telling ppl to leave their country if they don't like the way the government treats them. Or like telling someone to quit their job if they’re experiencing discrimination. Some of us actually like this forum when it isn't overrun by ignorant ppl and racists. It’s where we get spoilers, info, help with quests, make friends, discuss things about the game, actually communicate with the team (occasionally🤔) It’s 2021 and we’re still being told if we dont like racism, leave.
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    I don't know what I expected
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    I think that’s a no. idk what I expected honestly
  • Lilith_KKHLilith_KKH Registered Users, Member 182 Posts
    It is now the next day. I just opened the forum thinking maybe y'all would have said SOMETHING by now, yet all I see is racism continuing to fly and POC dolls being ignored. What was the point of this thread? It seems like you are trying to rile people up at this point. It's weird, it's disturbing, and I cannot believe the amount of stuff I have seen being allowed to fly.
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    Again, tagging you both to ask if you will actually be moderating the forum? Or was the opening of this thread a very feeble attempt to appease those of us who are against discrimination, despite us all knowing you have failed to ban racists as well as hackers while jumping at the opportunity to ban Black and other POC players who speak up about being attacked and targeted? The lack of response and clear indication that you don’t care, is really tiring.

    We need more mods here because clearly what we’re seeing here is insufficient and ignorant.

    @KalindaKing @kokokokonut
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    Ngl, it’s so sad seeing threads like this because you just KNOW the purpose is not for the mods to try and understand their members and fix what they’re doing wrong, but to shove all discussions of racism or anything else that makes them feel uncomfortable into another thread they can ignore. 

    The first one clearly didn’t work, since people still called them out elsewhere, so they just made another one, to nicely group up all ‘uncomfortable’ discussions in one place and happily turn a blind eye to. 

    There is no way the moderators even check these threads honestly. If they did they would have said something by now. 
  • thatgalbiathatgalbia Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    Kalinda and Koko are definitely checking this thread, but only to send messages regarding a future ban because we disagree with their stance. 
  • hanhanhanhanhanhan Registered Users, Member 153 Posts
    Kalinda and Koko when people are racist and hack their games:
    Kalinda and Koko when people say “racism is bad”: BANNED!!!!! BLOCKED!!!!! DELETED!!!!! 
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    Bullying is not tolerated on our forum. While we appreciate you expressing your opinions, the purpose of this post was to say that the event threads should be about events, not attacking each other. Please focus on sharing comments about the game. Comments about individuals will be moderated.
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    Apparently calling out racism is bullying 🤡
  • eviewashereeviewashere Registered Users, Member 250 Posts
    i’m sorry but you mean to tell me that after reading this ENTIRE thread of people talking about literal racism and how people who call out said racism are banned and threatened with bans, you decided that they were the problem? not the people DELIBERATELY saying ignorant things to start arguments ( like in the previous sys threads ) and refusing to educate themselves or resolve the situation. but you’d rather people be silent and uncomfortable in the forum then rock the boat? ok.
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    If it wasn't addressed already, popping in to say that Glu really needs to change the ways that representation is done within the game play. Why primarily put ethnic and cultural items in Collections and Boxes where there's "chances" to get them or where you have to fight in SYS for Trendsetters. When releasing items that are cultural or ethnic they should be easily accessible as Earnables or just simply added to the closet for updates. It's not fair to POC dolls for it to not be achievable to get the items that represent us. It is also not fair to non POC dolls for them to spin a box and get a hairstyle or item that wouldn't be appropriate for them to wear. Nor should they have the opportunity to ticket buy the items away from POC dolls. This could alleviate the issues that we're seeing here.
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